Smartphone Asylum: The Weirdest Smartphones Ever!

«Lately, I`ve got some nightmares about mobile phones that look like a flash drive… Sometimes, you open the phone and there is a pocket for cigarettes in there! The other time – the phone looks like a pen!! Doctor, can you help me with that?!»

Smartphones offer a way for lower-income people who don't have broadband access at home to connect to the Internet.

The truth is that some of the designers’ ideas are really insane. But some of these ideas have those, who love them. And that means that our tastes become more sophisticated, or that we are just out of our minds…



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Nokia 3250: take a turn!

Model design is unusual, for the first time someone ventured to place the keypad on a rotating block. This Nokia phone model was designed as a device for listening to the music for those who are lazy to wear a mp3-player.


The unit turns on one hinge, the mount is safe and does not cause any issues. The block is well-fixed in each position, you rotate it and you hear a click. In a compact bag the phone cannot “open” independently, there is no space for that.

Nokia 3250 5

Nokia 3250 4

You can rotate the unit at 90 degrees and at 270, in these cases the camera automatically turns on, and the screen acts as a viewfinder. Camera control, among other things, can be hold using music keys located on the block. In this case, you are holding the main part with one hand and with another hand you can shoot, or remote the picture.

Nokia 3250 3


No Description

sWaP Nova: little chips light great fires!

The smallest mobile phone – this champion even got into the Guinness Book of records!

sWaP Nova 1

The phone is so small that it can be used as a pendant. The device weighs only 43 grams, and its size is smaller than a credit card, which does not affect functionality.

sWaP Nova 3

sWaP Nova 5

swap Nova is equipped with a touch screen, built-in device for reading books and operating system that supports 8 languages. Thanks to a special module, the phone can turn into a regular flash drive, running from the USB port.

sWaP Nova 2

sWaP Nova 4


Hi youtube’rs, I decided to do a little video on this swap nova keychain mobile phone. Cute but is it worth the money.. In my opinion Its not worth the current ebay asking price in the UK which is between £100 to £200.. Please check out my video and see what you think.

Smells like… Hyundai MP 280!

Fantasy of mobile phones designers does not stand still: Hyundai has unveiled the MP 280 in the “shell” form that produces a perfume fragrance whenever the user opens it. According to the source, 2 drops of concentrated composition is enough for about 8 hours of work.

Hyundai MP 280 1


When the perfume finishes, you can refuel it using a special syringe, which is in a set. However, this mobile phone is not cheap, its price is $ 1200.

Hyundai MP 280 2

Hyundai MP 280 4
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Nokia 888: shape up for me!

The main feature of this Nokia concept – it is movable and it is bendable!

Nokia 888 2

«Nokia 888», designed for adolescents and young people, allows its users to give any shape to it! You can minimize it to fit in the smallest pocket or wrap around your wrist to wear like watch.

Nokia 888 1

Nokia 888 4

Nokia 888 3

Nokia explained that this phone was supposed to have a liquid battery, touch screen and voice recognition that would allow users to easily enjoy the functionality of the device.

Nokia 888 5

Nokia 888 Concept Phone

The new Nokia 888 concept phone

Haier P7 Pen Phone: my ringing pen

Another exceptional invention of Chinese, Haier P7 Pen Phone – is a pen that doesn`t write, but it rings. The device is quite long, but, at the same time, very light: its dimensions are 150x27x18, its weight is 65 grams. The front face is divided into two parts: the first one has the screen and joystick with the subsidiary keys, the second one has a keyboard.

Haier P7 Pen Phone 5

Haier P7 Pen Phone 2

On its rear part you can find the mount-latch (like the one on recorders). This latch comes in handy if you wear a phone in an internal pocket of your jacket. At the top of the mount there is a peephole of the camera.

Haier P7 Pen Phone 4


No Description

Toshiba G450: wasp-waisted phone

Toshiba G450 cell phone, designed for quick and easy access to the Internet using mobile networks, looks more like a flash drive.

Toshiba G450 1

Toshiba G450 2

This small device is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a mobile phone, able to serve as a portable modem to computer. G450 mobile device connects to a standard USB port and provides broadband Internet via 3G/HSDPA. EDGE and GPRS standards are also supported by the device. In addition, the new product can be used as an MP3-player.

Toshiba G450 4

Toshiba G450 5


[email protected] … This is phone is really a eye-catching artwork.It looks like a MP3 in the front of your chest as well as a nice decoration.It shows your fashion and cuteness.

Wang XYW 3838: they see me calling, they’re smoking

This Chinese gimmick looks like a pack of cigarettes, and like a cross between a Rubik’s cube, non-original Rolex and trendy unauthentic mp3-players.

Wang XYW 3838 4

Wang XYW 3838 1

But it’s not about the appearance: the average phone with a color screen can not only make calls and take photos, but also serve as a cigarette box. The body painted in the colors of Chinese cigarettes “Chonghwa” can store seven cigarettes. Enterprising Chinese have taken care of the special models for export: their lineup has a phone that is designed to store “Marlboro”.

Wang XYW 3838 2





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