StyleKeeper: Most Unique Football Players` Haircuts & Hairdos

Many of them were not only trendsetters of mind-blowing football feints, but also trendsetters in the world of hairstyles. But are the laurels of the trendsetter worth such a punishment to wear something like that on your head?)))))))))))


We`ve made a compilation of the weirdest hairdos of football stars – take your time and enjoy. But brought away try not cut your hair))





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What a person can do with his hair if he is a football star?

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Taribo West

The intricacies of his movements with the ball seamlessly overlap with intricacies on his head! This guy has become a renowned trendsetter in hairstyles for Africans – and not only for them!

Taribo west 1

Taribo west 2

Rene Higuit

They call him the most extravagant goalkeeper in recent years in the world of football. Admit it, he has a quite interesting appearance – maybe this way he distracts attackers?

Rene Higuit 1

Rene Higuit 2

Carlos Valderrama

Someone in the world of football do not have time and desire to weave spits all day long – nature gave them those sexy curls anyway! We are talking about Carlos Valderrama.

Carlos Valderrama 1

The ball is in his hands and a crowd of fans is at the forefront!

Bildnummer: 01995684 Datum: 22.06.1998 Copyright: imago/Sven Simon Carlos Valderama (Kolumbien); Vdia, quer Weltmeisterschaft 1998, Nationalmannschaft, Nationalteam, Nationaltrikot, Gruppe G Montpellier Fußball Länderspiel Herren Mannschaft Porträt Aktion Personen

Raul Meireles

Apart from the fact that he caused a shock among the cultural public of foggy Albion with his numerous tattoos, he also wore Iroquois-like hair and a shaggy beard – it made him look like a hipster. Really – a cross between London alcoholic and homeless!

Raul Meireles 1

When looking at Raul, it seems that a hairdresser had a hangover, or simply had no time to finish haircut – we can see that on Raul`s bald head.

Raul Meireles 2

Chris Waddle

Our next star is Chris Waddle – one of the brightest and most talented players in England in 80-s –it`s just impossible not to love him! Including this stunning “broom” on his head!

Chris Waddle 1

Chris Waddle 2


Young Brazilian genius called Neymar shocks defenders and fans with crazy tricks, and with his unique hairstyle.

Neymar 1

It resembles both a cock and a dinosaur, doesn`t it?

Neymar 2

Abel Xavier

Abel Xavier has changed many haircuts during his football career, but this one is something!

Moreover, there is a bonus – Abel`s hairstyle eventually becomes a beard. Phenomenal!

Abel Xavier 1

Abel Xavier 2
Are you already dying to call your barber? Wait, there are a few more ideas of how you can ruin your life!)))

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Alexandre Song

That is not a strange genetically modified fruit, but a Barcelona rookie Alexandre Song, whose haircut at different times was compared to French fries and pineapple.

Alexandre Song 1

Alexandre Song 2

Djibril Cisse

Frenchman Djibril Cissé, for example, is known for original “drawings” on his head. Do you remember the famous “Spider Web”?

Djibril Cisse 1

Djibril Cisse 2


Japanese defender has not earned fame in Europe, limiting with a short-term unsuccessful playing for English Tottenham, but we remember him for the bright red hairdo at the World Championship in 2002.

Toda 1

Toda 2

Giovanni Simeone

Meet Giovanni Simeone, the son of a trainer, who recently prolonged a contract with “Atletico”. The guy has a tough fate: as a rite of initiation into the “River Plate”, he had to wear this miracle on his head for a few month!

Giovanni Simeone 1

Giovanni Simeone 2


The powerful Belgian from Everton just have to match his hairstyle and celebrate each goal with characteristic movements and singing “D. I. S. C. O!”.

Fellaini 2

Fellaini 1

Rodrigo Palacio

Argentine Rodrigo Palacio has managed to stand out when it seemed that you can`t surprise the tempered perception of football fans!

Rodrigo Palacio 1

Rodrigo Palacio 2


Former Sweden midfielder Freddie Ljungberg caused delight and surprise simultaneously in 90s, dying his hair in crimson color. Crimson blazers in Russia at that time were in trend, but hair?! Even Alexander Elagin didn`t understand that.

Ljungberg 1

Ljungberg 2


Well, and, of course, how can we forget the simple, but fun legendary hairstyle of Ronaldo at the World Cup 2002? This is the most famous football hairstyle of all time – the fact that has no logical explanation!

Ronaldo 1

Ronaldo 2

Mamadou Sakho

Pupil of the Paris “Paris Saint-Germain”, Mamadou Sako, is a little lost in the crowd of football stars on the field, but he takes what he`s got to take with his original hairdo! We can bet that one of his idols is Djibril Cissé?!

Mamadou Sakho 2

Mamadou Sakho 1


The famous Egyptian forward arranged eccentricities on his head in a desperate regularity, inventing bike every single time!)))))))))))

Zidane 1


Bakary Sagna

Arsenal Defender Bacary Sagna and his haircut make many football fans LOL. And holy sisters pray as hard as they can when they look at his photo.

Bakary Sagna 1

Bakary Sagna 2

Mario Balotelli

“Mario Brothers” in football, and the eldest of them is the ideological inspirer Mario Balotelli, who just cannot sit still!

Mario Balotelli 1

He arranges a regular devastation on his head, portraying a profusion of spring, pitching something like intimate haircut, making Iroquois of different length and thickness. Poor little brother Mario is forced to follow his elder bro, to remain in trend of Balotelli family!

Mario Balotelli 2

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