Top 10 Dating Turnoffs For Men

Another dating failure and you have no idea what’s wrong with you? Read about these common mistakes women do on the first date and avoid another turn-down.

With be prepared to successes only

#1 – Too much make-up

DvMkLGDFnkUThe biggest turn-off for any guy on the first date is your unnatural beauty or too much of make-up. Limit yourself to some mascara and a light-natural-color lip stick, don’t put any shades on your eyes. Another tip is to go and do some facial cleansing a couple of days before your first date, so your face looks naturally beautiful and attractive.

#2 – Electronic devices

wpu3E_3jD6QUnless you don’t want to seem social networks addicted or an Instagram-girl picturing everything she observes around her, you better put your smart phone away on the first date. Being on your phone all the time makes him think the people out there are more valuable for you than this date. And this is going to be a sure turn-off for him.

#3 – Expecting him to pay

_j8hs2V2L58Be sure that 99% the guy will pay for you on the first date. And making no attempts to reach for your wallet will only serve as a turn-off. Show him you’re different from all those sneaky girls going on dates only to eat and drink for free. Offer your participation in paying the bill, he won’t let you do it, but will appreciate you thought about it.

#4 – Conceited girls

DSmWjYWh3bcDon’t mix two definitions up – confident and conceited. Being confident is definitely a plus for you and your communication with the potential partner, but walking around like you owe the place is a sure turn-off for any guy. Chill and concentrate on the topics you’ll be discussing to make him interested.

#5 – Flaky girls

hkmWWTW5sOMIt may seem unfair sometimes that women spend so much time taking baths and scrubbing their skin so it looks fresh and feels soft. And all of this is for the sake of men who then are complaining about the girl being late for the date. But from another point of view it is important to show you care about his time and that he is nervous waiting for you to finally come. So try to be punctual, prepare ahead, don’t give him a chance for another turn-off.

Find other no less important turnoffs to avoid on the following page.

#6 – Too self-critical

bhVhjOtUMWcAs previously said, women tend to use lots of time bathing and put many creams and lotions on their skin. And of course they expect being complimented after that, and if it doesn’t happen, they start consciously saying how ugly they are, so the guy says “No, you are beautiful”. But all of these compliments are not sincere and you talking bad about your appearance even though you know you look great, will just become a big turn-off for him.

#7 – Narcissi-girls

GUzgVPEAxLEOn the contrary to the previous one, being too self-confident and too much proud of oneself is just another turn-off for guys. It is definitely very good you have managed to do great at University and got a good job. It is good you are a successful woman who can take care of herself. Your fault is telling him about all your achievements and not letting him discover all of this by himself.

#8 – Making him jealous

VZ0Ekfg_WgEWould you feel comfortable if the guy you have a date with would flirt with another girl? Or would you be okay if he tried to pick up another chick instead of pleasing you only? Of course not. And so wouldn’t he. Even though you might have no intentions to switch to another guy, but only want to make this one jealous, he won’t get it and this will become the biggest turn-off for him.

#9 – Pretending like you are dumb

rqMlYBnnVGQAll girls make one common mistake – they think guys like girls who are less smart than they are. And so they pretend to be stupid. But to tell you the truth, men like women they can learn something new from. They do appreciate if you have your own opinion and are intelligent enough to defend it. So don’t play this game and speak up!

#10 – Too much of perfume

d25JU0Vt_64Coming back to the very first point in our list, guys do like when the beauty is natural. And so they appreciate when you don’t put the whole bottle of cheap perfume on yourself, but rather invest in a good light perfume and make him remember the special scent that will become associated with you.

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