Why Married Men Live Longer Than Single?

1aaab2fChoosing a life partner is one of the most difficult and important decisions that a person has to take during a lifetime. Man and woman, who bound their lives will spend a lot of time together, and probably they would have children. It is therefore logical that everyone strive to find the most suitable mate for themselves.

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But it turns out, there is another factor, on which we should to pay attention – numerous studies have proven that spouses influence each other’s health in the most direct way.

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Nothing can compare with a happy and stable marriage,” – says Dr. Brian Baker of the University of Toronto. The last 10 years he has been researching the impact of family life on the condition of the human heart.


In one recent study, Dr. Baker watched for a few years for 103 married men and women, average age 47 years. At the initial stage of observation, these people completed various questionnaires, answering questions about their family life.african-american-dating1

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Just as well as troubles at work lead to increased blood pressure and heart diseases, problems in family life lead to similar symptoms. The work of Dr. Baker has shown that people who are at the beginning of the study complained of family problems, greatly thickened heart wall after 3 years after the observation started. The thickening of the heart wall leads to a malfunction of the body and an increased blood pressure.

 In contrast, people who consider themselves happy in marriage, the thickness of the walls of the heart decreased by 8%, which was the cause of much better health condition.
It is worth to note that while the link between the problems at work and blood pressure existed only in the initial stage of the study, the link between a bad marriage, and high blood pressure remained constant throughout the study.
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blackcoupleAfter analyzing the data, Dr. Baker made a very predictable conclusion: “If you think your marriage is unsuccessful, try to avoid to be in your spouse company. Conversely, if you are happy, you should spend together  with your loved one as much time as possible .”


Most of the studies in this area are studying the impact of the quality of family life on the heart and blood circulatory system, but the pros and cons of marriage affect other life-support systems too.

As an example, a study conducted at the University of San Antonio. According to this work, family problems increase the likelihood of diabetes twice. They also found that 15% of people experiencing not the best days of marriage, sick with diabetes for 8 years after the study began. While happy people in this cohort was only 7%.head-relationships


And it is exactly what nobody expected was that the risk of diabetes because of the turmoil in the family exceeds the risk of diabetes due to poor heredity.

http://urbanbellemag.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/african-american-couple-at-wedding.jpgThe results of a study conducted at the University of Ohio City, show that the warm words to each other, and good relations between spouses increase the body’s defenses, preventing stress hormone (cortisol) production, and thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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More and more scientists agree that family life is more useful to men. One reason for this confidence is the fact that after marriage, most of the stronger sex refuse any kind of risky activities (driving while intoxicated or jumping with “bungee”) are regularly checked by a doctor and most importantly – began to eat well.

“Married men live longer and suffer less. They are in a better position with both psychological and physiological point of view.” – Says American psychologist Dr. Gutman.
http://humaneeducation.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/donateretirementoldercouple.jpgIFor women, the situation is somewhat different. Scientists from the University of Pittsburgh for 13 years observed the health of 490 married women, whose age is more than 40 years.

The results showed that women who complain about her family life in the beginning of the study, for 13 years continuously experienced health problems, and for the time of monitoring their state of health has deteriorated significantly. The women who consider their marriage a successful, keep a good mood, do not gain excess weight and lead a healthy lifestyle, according MIGnews.

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