10 Phrases Bad Managers Use

There definitely were cases when you heard your boss saying something that made you disgusted. After such words you definitely felt like you didn’t respect that person anymore and didn’t want to work for his company. Let’s make a small review of the phrases one shouldn’t use in their lexicon to remain a good manager.

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1 – “You are lucky you still work here!”

1No matter the situation there is no sense in these words. They are just a blind threat. As much as the employee is lucky to have this job, as much you as an employer are lucky to have a competent specialist working for your company. If you really had anything in particular to put in, you would already fire him/her.

2 – “It’s work and not a place for fun!”

People have the right to get pleasure from work, and to be fully involved in it. And it doesn’t matter what kind of occupation they work in. So try to inspect the true reason for your dissatisfaction. Maybe it’s you who is not satisfied with what you are occupied with?

3 – “I pay you not for thinking!”

5You shouldn’t impede people from thinking, intellectualizing, analyzing, introducing innovations. Even if this person is a driver or a volunteer – any new idea should be heard and considered by a good manager. It’s important to show respect to every employee as you never know who and when might come up with a win-win idea that could become a turning point for your company.

4 – “It’s not me who makes up rules”

Even though it might be an absolute truth, such words don’t have a good reflection on your reputation. They just make you look as a marionette in your boss’s hands. There are other methods to reply to your employee’s dissatisfaction with the company’s policy. For example, you could make an advice what person he could refer to with the claim or you could try to handle the situation on your own.

5 – “You will do what I say!”

3By ignoring the priority tasks of your employees sacrificing them to the solution of the problem that has suddenly appeared means you are going to show disrespect to them. It’s better to redistribute responsibilities among them and point out at the importance of this particular task.


6 – “It has been always like this”

6Saying these words a manager makes his employees instinctively think “I don’t like changes”. Yes, the changes are scary, but it doesn’t mean that it’s good to continue working by the same scheme you’ve been using for ages. Study out what’s new to you and what makes you uncertain, maybe there is something you will find worth implementing into your company’s policy.

7 – “I will take it into consideration”

This phrase is translated as “I don’t give a damn what you just said and I will keep doing what I consider necessary to do”. Instead of showing your support spitting the words on your right and left why don’t you really hear to those people and try to do something? Or at least you can say “Thank you, you gave me food for thought”.

8 – “I have got an anonymous claim here…”

8Anonymous claims are the sparks that can set fire inside your staff. Making such a claim to your employees you make them think whether it’s you who wants to know who made an anonymous c “I noticed that…” or “I turned my attention to…” to not make anyone a sacrificial goat.

9 – “Handle it on your own”

This kind of expression characterizes you as a cruel and lazy manager at the same time. If this is the problem your employee should handle on their own, you

10 – “Seems like these are your personal problems”

10Personal problems become professional ones when they start influencing the productivity of your employees. If there is someone coming to work late because of family problems, it becomes your headache as well. A competent manager will organize a brainstorming for his employee and will help him find solutions, and won’t wait till he does it on his own.

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