10 Simple Ways To Add Color To Your Life:

Sun shines bright but your mood is gloomy? You feel upset and can’t realise why? Time to add colors in your life! stop to stuck in routine! This advices from JiJi will help you to find new mojo and to see how it is great – just to live!

https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/93/f0/ae/93f0aecad3c296301ecf9a9b8b294c41.jpg1. Get rid of routine! Change the route, the usual household rituals. Buy other products at another store, walk up to the bus 20 minutes on foot, do not read the same newspaper!

2. Act! Psychologists from Harvard interested in the mechanism of occurrence of satisfaction in people by their actions. Usually, taking a decision, we are faced with another problem: to know the results of a choice will be possible only after some time. To protect ourselves, we are thinking over the different scenarios in head, trying to choose the one that should bring the greatest joy. But in fact, these mental projections are not so much a prediction of the future, as the analysis of our past experiences. Too plunging into negative experiences, we pre-configure ourselves to lose and, on the contrary, focusing on positive memories, we are more optimistic about the situation.

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http://img2.tvtome.com/i/u/28c79aac89f44f2dcf865ab8c03a4201.png3. More often meet with friends. Gather company, leave on the picnic, meet in a cafe in the evening, or spend a weekend of exciting game with your friends. Merry company, sense of humor and infectious laugh improve mood and positively affect on the vitality.

More colors, more JiJi!

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http://bluepearlvet.com/wp-content/uploads/two-small-dogs-playing-in-park.jpg4. Get a dog. Or a cat or a fish or hamster – agitate us animal welfare advocates and psychologists.

https://www.liveyourmark.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/happiness-balloons.jpg5. Be self-reliant. Scientists from Munich put an interesting experiment. They interviewed former office workers, who at one good day quit job for “free floating”. It turned out that two years after that 94% of them did not regret this actions, despite the fact that in 50% of respondents income level has decreased significantly.

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http://cdn.mg.co.za/crop/content/images/2014/11/11/aay111_landscape.jpg/633x356/6. Buy a pedometer. In an ordinary day a very ordinary office worker makes 4,000 steps, which spends about 130 calories – about as he gets out of the half of the standard chocolate bar eaten at lunch. And how about you?

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http://www.singers.com/group/images/AfricanChildrensChoir.jpg7. Train your voice. Wise Socrates used to say: “Speak, that I saw you!” Modern scholars completely in solidarity with him. According to their data, 90% of the first impression of a person depends on his/her physical appearance, gestures and tone of voice.

8. Discard the art. Do not be a slave to the computer and the phone. Look around – life would be much richer!

9. Experiment in the kitchen.

http://www.neilmd.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/5-bigstock-Happy-African-American-Father-34859264-630x3001.jpg10. Keep learning. Each passed exam strengthens our belief in ourselves. Regular new information trains the brain and doubles the joy of life.






And the main thing – STAY HAPPY!

JiJi wiches a good day to you!