How Do You Know It’s Time To Change The Job?

The writer’s block happens to everyone. And so does the working crisis. The most important thing is to distinguish it in time and move forward to another place.

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1) You are bored of everything and the following day brings you nothing, but annoyance

6svIRn0qHcoSaturday is a holiday, but on Sunday already you feel that lump in your throat and the thought that tomorrow you must go back to work weights your stomach down. Sometimes it’s just a sign of over-strain and you should ask your chef for a vacation. But even if rested you start hating your work, the issue is about it.

2) Absence of perspectives

7sbkN2dGOvAYou do the same things every day. The company doesn’t thrive to make the work of their employees more interesting, new projects are not opening and the development of already existing once looks more like a regress. It’s time to stop and think: if in 5 years you will be executing same useless and monotonous work not getting any pleasure from doing which, isn’t it better to stop right now?

3) Change of management

_xBBWSW5SxIA good manager, the one who can support and inspire you, and give you a back action in the right moment is very important. But if your director has changed and the new one doesn’t encourage friendship relationships between you two and his managing style doesn’t come across your points of view and the goals you see for the company – this is the reason to think. Undoubtedly, there are ways to change the situation, for example, you could ask about your movement to another subdivision, to appoint you for another project, or simply talk to your boss. But if all of your desires remain ignored, there is a reason to pause to think.

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4) Frequent sicknesses and the decline in strength

QAmtRwXg_rIOur organism tells us if there is something wrong with it and saves us from stress. Frequent sicknesses and weaknesses with no special reasons may be the cause of the lack of comfort atmosphere at work and your subconscious desire to run away from that place.

5) The salary amount doesn’t change

7f8PsXECnWIRegardless of your responsibilities that have slightly increased and your qualification that is much higher, your salary is not being revised from year to year ignoring your progress and the labor market requirements. You can stay in the company, of course, but it’s unlikely that you will have any motivation at all. In addition, the longer you stay in the situation like this one, the more you will get disappointed in yourself and everything that surrounds you.

6) You don’t believe in the company and its values anymore

pFenK4ZrNE0If you came to understanding that the company you work for is far from being your dream work place, you pronounce its name with no pride to your acquaintances – this is already the reason to look for other working place, the place that will inspire you and will become a place where you want to go every day.

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