Easy And Fun Fridge Decoration With All Family

http://secondstreet.ru/uploads/images/00/77/49/2015/08/20/image_7.jpgWhile living room is the residence of family round, kitchen is considered to be the heart of a house. And the refrigerator rightly can be called a flaming engine of this heart. However, as every mechanism, it is prone to the effects of time, scratching, abrasion and mechanical damage. But every modern housewife dreams of a functional and aesthetic appliances. Arises a rhetorical question – what to do? Acquire after each scratch a new refrigerator … but not everyone can buy new appliances every year! So, the only way out – decorate the refrigerator, if there is a scratch, or buy used one if your own is beyong the repair.

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Unusual, bright and original stickers can even ordinary white refrigerator turn into a work of culinary art: three-dimensional images of antique forks and spoons, cocktails and cakes guaranteed turn the kitchen into a real culinary show. And you will play a central role!


Decoration of appliances in decoupage technique become so popular, than even new kitchen stuff is often decorated in such way! Decoupage bottom line is that the decorated  surface is finished with pictures cut out of paper, and the top is covered with many layers of lacquer. As a result, creating the illusion that the picture painted artist’s brush, and in some cases even the impression that it is inlaid. Where to find pictures for refrigerator decoupage?


http://content.foto.mail.ru/mail/gesler-weselovskaia/_blogs/i-23317.jpgThe first option – to use a beautiful multi-layered napkins. Carefully separate the first layer, on which is printed a picture cut out on a contour vending motives and using glue stick figures to the refrigerator. Once the glue is dry, cover surface at least two-three coats of acrylic varnish.
http://img1.liveinternet.ru/images/attach/c/7/95/941/95941125_bmref4.jpgThe second option is that you can print out any image you need. Use a standard office paper. Gently cover the print with acrylic lacquer. Wait until it is completely dry and apply a second coat. One can then add a third, but this is optional. Prerequisite for further work – complete drying of acrylic lacquer on paper. Then put this sheet (or sheets if there will be more than one) for an hour in the bowl of water. Then lay a towel on the table, drop it wet picture face down and gently start “roll” the layers of the base paper with fingers. As a result, it will stay thin acrylic film with the image –  you will stick to the fridge. Note that the separation of the paper base – a laborious process, requiring special care and, possibly, from the first time you will not be able to do everything carefully.

And if you have neither the time nor the inclination to engage in decoupage, you can buy ready-made interior stickers and use them to create an original decor of the refrigerator just a few minutes.

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Interesting ideas you should take into account


If your kitchen is decorated in a romantic style, then decorate the fridge under the old cabinet. After all, it does not necessarily look like a foreign object and stand out from the general interior.



Unusual and exclusively refrigerator surface will look if you use foil and decorate it with intricate designs and lettering. This immediately turns your fridge into a bank vault, which stores the most expensive … food!


This simple and extremely creative act – the fridge decor – a great fun for the family. Even the little ones can offer the idea that would become the leader of the family council. Do you want to bring into the kitchen element of originality and style, having spent a minimum of time and financial investments? The answer is simple, like all brilliant – decorate the fridge together!

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