5 Innocent Habits Which Make Us To Look Older

Everyone knows what can accelerate the aging of the skin: this is love to tan, alcohol and smoking. But it turns out,  not only bad habits cause early wrinkles, but also quite innocuous – or those that seemed to be such at first glance.

Let’s find out them right now with JiJi!

5. Drinking from cocktail tube


Although cocktail tube  saves the enamel of our teeth staining from dark and sour drinks, do not drink from it too often. The fact that the regular lip compression  leads to wrinkles around the mouth – such can be seen in heavy smokers. Of course, love for cocktail tubules – something much more innocent than the addiction to nicotine, but it can harm the skins look.

4. Wearing contact lenses


Even if you have a masterly technique of donning and removal of contact lenses, it is unlikely you can avoid contact with the thin and delicate skin around the eyes. And a regular mechanical action leads to wrinkles in this delicate area. If  wearing glasses  is not your option, be sure to purchase a good cream and take care of your skin.

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3. Sleeping on the stomach and on the side

http://frugivoremag.com/cms/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/75164803.jpegIf you always sleep on your side or on your stomach, you can get not only fun prints from cushions on the cheeks, which are shortly after waking, but also unwanted wrinkles on the face, neck and décolleté. This is especially noticeable with age  when skin begins to lose collagen. Therefore, cosmetologists and dermatologists recommend sleeping on your back. If this situation does not suit you, pay attention to your pillow: give preference to silk bed linen – it avoids unnecessary friction on the skin surface with the cushion, and helps to keep youth.

Don’t miss next page!2. Spending a long time with PC, tablet or phone


Most of our time we spend alone with our gadgets – PC, smartphone or tablet. Of course, all of these intelligent machines greatly simplify our lives, but they cause great harm to our beauty. In particular, the delicate skin on the neck. Cosmetologists have even appeared special term “IT specialist neck” – losing tone, with deep wrinkles on the border with the chin. To avoid such trouble, do exercises, regularly apply facials, massages on vulnerable areas and make sure that the angle between the neck and jaw line while working on your computer is equal to 90 degrees.

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1. Low-fat diet

In the struggle for a slender body, many go to the extreme and exclude from their menu all fats. And very much in vain! It is important to remember that olive oil, fish and nuts contain fatty acids, which are responsible for health and youth are not only our skin but the whole body: they help to absorb vitamins and nutrients are powerful antioxidants, prevent dryness and maintain the protective function of the epidermis.

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