8 Delusions About The Work In A Fashion-Sphere

Almost every girl is dreaming whether about the stage or about the podium. Over time, when the illusions of becoming an actress or a top-model fall apart, girls in any possible ways try to remain working in fashion-business – as an assistant, manager’s right hand, left foot, anyone – just to stay there! But after having spent more time working in this industry one will find many delusions, and here are some of them.

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Delusion #1 – “I will always look beautiful & fresh”

Kf-NeuQEEw8This is the first and probably the biggest of the delusions. “Beautiful and fresh” sometimes doesn’t regard even to the models on the stage. The only thing you’ll be doing “beautifully” is masking your pouches under your eyes with a good tinting cream.

Delusion #2 – “I am going to have many friends among designers and star customers”

y4FsY16eOlIForget it! Yes, you will have many acquaintances, and yes, you will remember them for all your life, but they will barely remember your name just to ask you for a cup of coffee.

Delusion #3 – “Now, when I get pleasure from work, I can devote some time for my dear self”

dFKhU16KTpsYes, you will devote some 3-4 hours in every 24 ones the half of which you won’t be able to fall asleep as you will be recalling in your memory all the tasks you’ve been executing today.

Delusion #4 – “Going to work is like a holiday”

l24cw1IPJzgThere is an advantage, of course, you won’t need to wear official clothing, alas, you can also forget about the high heels and cool dresses. You are to become the best friends with the sneakers New Balance, jeans, and T-shirts. As there is going to be no one to impress by your beauty, and you will have to run from one factory to another one carrying heavy packs of clothing.

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Delusion #5 – “Regular working schedule”

Ok-TY-K9WF8The word “schedule” is not appropriate to be used in this sphere as it simply doesn’t exist. You might get up at 5 am and get back home at 11 pm, or stay in the office for the entire night. And it doesn’t matter if it’s Friday or Sunday.

Delusion #6 – “Overtime bonuses”

dPO8mAKWLm4No, we haven’t heard of such kind. Maybe theoretically they exist somewhere, but we haven’t met them. Bonuses are the lost kilograms.

Delusion #7 – “Fashion week”

fckzXyXaO4UFor the guests of the Fashion Week it is indeed a week. But for the ones who work in this sphere, this week starts a month before and looks like one week-long day.

Delusion #8 – “All the work is executed by a designer”

8jIhVTWU9_kDesigners pick up the material and the models; the rest is left for the tailors, snippers, and assistants. Designer may be absent in the office for a week, a month, a year, but the work should be going on and the brand should be developing. A good team is the most important thing here – weight off one’s shoulders.

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