8 Easy Ways To Make Your Clothes Look More Expensive

Buying new clothes is a fun and pleasant experience, especially if you have enough money to buy all the dresses, shirts, skirts, jeans, shoes and bags that you want. However, not everyone has the ability to spend hundreds thousands of naira every month on clothes, which is why a lot of women either have to settle for more affordable clothing, or wait for years until buying a new piece of attire, but that’s not your only option. Find out how to make your clothes look expensive and chic without wasting unreasonable amounts of money.

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1. Let your makeup and hair help you


While there is nothing wrong with going makeup-free and keeping your hair natural, no one can argue with the fact that makeup and hair are great accessories to an already flawless look. Use your favourite lipstick, foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and achieve the look you’ve always wanted. As for the hair, experiment with different hairstyles to figure out which styles suit you the best and which styles go well with every outfit.

2. Denim doesn’t have to be boring

While jeans are the most basic item of clothing we can imagine, you can wear jeans every day of the work week and never get bored of them. Jeans look equally well with sneakers and heels, t-shirts and blouses, shirts and jackets. You can properly accessorize your jeans outfit and wear it to work, club, shopping, dinner, or anywhere else you need to go.


3. Stick to monochrome

One of the style secrets of top fashion bloggers and celebrities is that monochrome outfits look incredibly stylish and can elevate your whole look. While colourful attire should also be present in your wardrobe, go for a monochrome look when you need to look especially appealing and everyone’s eyes will be fixed on you. Navy, grey, burgundy, and black are all excellent colors to wear in a mono look.


4. Accessorize well

If you know anything about fashion, you already know that accessories can make or break your outfit. Tasteful and attention catching accessories can take your whole look on the next level. If you’re not sure what to accessorize your outfit with, try a statement necklace or earrings, a colourful bag, trendy shoes, or sunglasses, because if there is one detail that makes everyone look twice as good – it’s a pair of stylish sunglasses.


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5. Tailor your clothes

We can’t stress this enough – even the most basic outfit will look 100% better if it’s properly tailored. Among the clothes that most often get tailored are dresses, suits, shirts, and tuxedos. If you find a good tailor, you can also ask him to recreate your favourite looks from the runway, red carpet, or fashion bloggers – that way you can get the coveted outfit for a fraction of the price.


6. Play with textures

Elevating your outfit can be done through a lot of tricks, and one of the most effective ones is combining different textures and materials. The most notable examples often include leather, chiffon, denim, lace, and other popular materials. For a fun change in your look wear a lace dress with a leather jacket, a chiffon dress with a denim jacket, or simply wear your favourite floaty dress and accessorize it with snakeskin shoes, beg and belt – your new look will turn heads!


7. Look for unusual details

As you very well know, store-bought inexpensive clothes usually have a very basic cut and silhouette. You’ll hardly find unusual styling in affordable clothing. However, if you happen to find an unusually sewn blouse, a dress with interesting cutouts, or other clothes with eye-catching detailing, don’t think twice and get that thing, because it will look designer-made and concept, taking your outfit to the next level.


8. Learn to layer

One of the most important thing to take from famous fashion blogs is that layers always look incredibly stylish. Contrary to a popular belief, even outfits worn in very hot weather can still be layered. For instance, you can take your favourite sundress and add a lightweight cardigan to your outfit, completing the look with a dainty belt and platform sandals. Buy a well-tailored, sharp jacket, and wear it with anything: dresses, pencil skirts, jeans, leggings, and anything you feel like wearing.


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