8 Great Things To Do With Brown Bananas

Buying exactly the right amount of groceries for the family is almost an art, which is why many households end up buying much more than they really need. Not only does throwing food away feels like wasting money, but it also clutters your fridge and doesn’t let you buy fresh groceries before the old ones get thrown out.

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One of the most frequently overstocked products is bananas. How often have you bought too many bananas and watched them go brown on the kitchen counter before eventually spoiling? Now you don’t need to throw a single banana away, because there are at least 8 ways to use them the right way.

1. Banana ice cream

What’s not to love about a one-ingredient banana ice cream? Besides, ripe bananas are at the peak of their sweetness, which is why you won’t need anything else to prepare this dessert. Take your overripe bananas, peel the, cut into chunks and thoroughly freeze (at least 3 hours). Get the banana chunks out of the freezer, put them into a blender, and blend on high for up to 5 minutes, until the mixture is creamy. Serve on its own or with chocolate sauce!


2. Banana bread

Sweet bread is one of the most versatile ways to utilize overripe bananas. In fact, there are probably hundreds of banana bread recipes you can find right now. A properly cooked loaf of banana bread is sweet, moist, and very filling, which means it can be successfully served as a tasty and nutritional breakfast. Start with a classic banana and nut bread and later you can experiment with flavors and fillings.


3. Banana muffins

Like banana bread, thanks to its nutritional content and vitamin count, a banana muffin is another healthy way to start your day. There are banana muffin recipes with as little as five ingredients, so it won’t take you too much time and effort. For a fun twist on traditional muffins add some chocolate chips to the batter and then sprinkle some grated chocolate on top of the muffins before baking, so that the chocolate melts in the oven.


4. Banana oatmeal cookies

This is one of the recipes that specifically call for overripe bananas thanks to their sweetness and texture. By mixing mashed ripe bananas with oatmeal, butter, and flour, you’ll create the perfect dough for these moist and chewy cookies that go wonderfully well with a glass of milk or a cup of tea. The key to the most amazing banana oatmeal cookies is to not overcook them, otherwise they’ll turn out too firm and crispy.


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5. Banana upside down cake

If you’re not simply cooking a weekday breakfast, but want to cook something fancy for a special occasion and happen to have a couple of ripe bananas, this recipe is the one you should try. In order to make this cake, first you need to prepare the caramel. Add the bananas to the caramel in the saucepan, let them fry for a bit, pour over the batter, and bake in the oven until the cake is golden brown. Turn upside down while removing and serve!


6. Banana pancakes

This recipe originally comes from the USA, a country known for its love for pancakes. If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to the more traditional breakfast dishes, this pancake dish will definitely be a pleasant surprise for your family. Mix the ingredients, including mashed bananas, and fry until ready. Serve with butter, syrup, or your favorite sauce – although, truth to be told, these pancakes taste great on their own.


7. Banana French toast

While French toast is a classic breakfast recipe known around the world, the banana adds an interesting texture and enhances the taste of the already sweet toast. You can follow the classic recipe with just white bread, eggs, bananas, and vanilla sugar, or you can add some new ingredients, like nuts, chocolate chips, peanut butter, or whipped cream. This banana French toast recipe won’t take you more than 10 minutes and will be a great way to begin the day for your family.


8. Microwave pudding

If you don’t have the time for fancy desserts, but still want to utilize overripe bananas in the most delicious and effortless way, how about a microwave banana pudding? Put your microwave oven to good use with the help of this recipe that requires butter, sugar, eggs, milks, and flour, in addition to a couple of mashed ripe bananas. Mix the ingredients, add some sliced bananas on top, and microwave for about 20 minutes, depending on your microwave’s characteristics.


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