Celebrate An International Women’s Day

All Women’s Day doesn’t actually mean that you should lie in bed and wait for your Prince on a white horse cook you breakfast. Originally, this day was the day all women fought for and earned. This is the day that is commemorated to all strong women who are strong, independent, and successful. Want to really earn the title of being worth celebrating this day?

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Step#1 Educate Yourself

1The first signs of women getting up from their knees showed in far 1900th in the United States. Women-workers of one garment factory in New York gathered for a strike to stand up for their rights to work in appropriate working conditions.

It is not reported anywhere, but women today still suffer from abuse and unequal rights in all parts of the world. Their abilities and skills are being downsized, and they get paid less for the same work as men do.

6Not to mention those cases in history when women’s achievements were completely ignored and all the laurels passed to men. A spectacular example is Rosalind Franklin, whose study of DNA was critical to Francis Crick, James Watson, Maurice Wilkins, was completely ignored by the Nobel Prize committee while her male colleagues have continued to receive recognition and praise for their discovery of DNA.

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Step#2 Meet out the world

2…and it’s problems. There are still numerous women with no shelter or with the lack of food. Search for some charity organizations and make your own contribution. While donating food and money, you can also contribute with your old clothing that is still good, but you don’t really like wearing any more.

In almost every town on this day there are exhibitions, art installations, and other interesting events that you can learn more from about this day and get inspired. If you yourself are an activist, you can organize some sort of “All Women’s Run” around your home town.

3Do good on this day. Think about our little brothers, animals. Go to the pet shelter and pick up a kitten or a puppy, and bring it home. Give a piece of your female warmth to someone else, except yourself.

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Step#3 Go back home

4Continuing the topic of caring about someone else, except yourself, go back home and congratulate your dearest women – your mom and granny. They are really the strongest women as they managed to bring you to this world and grow you up. Help them with the housework and with cooking on this day. Buy a simple postcard and write there all the warmest words you want to share with your mom and granny. Hug them and kiss, and from this day and further treat them with all respect.

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