Designer – A Stylish Profession

Customer’s wish to make everything “well & beautiful” means high requirements to the product’s quality and design. Moreover, it is highly required to carry a brand, and the specialists of this profile are very much demanded. So it’s a high time to find out the whole truth about designer’s profession.

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Simply design?

1vSJ5onEYQ8The sphere of applying design knowledge and skills is grandiose. Design is everywhere and in everything that surrounds us. Beside the most popular specialists on design, such as interior and clothing designers, there are often graphic, advertisement, landscape, accessories & jewelry designers required. The “design” notion can be literally found in any sphere.

OaLqJQzf5_oMany people associate designers with free artists. Actually both are the creators, the only difference is that designers create not because they want so, but because there is a customer who is ordering something. So in order to be a good designer, one should understand what the other person wants and needs. One should bring to life another person’s thoughts and feelings, which is much more difficult than to create your own one. So if the customer says “I need something moderate, something in English style, and at the same time something friendly and cozy” and you already have an idea of what it could be, than you are a true born designer.

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The two faces of the situation

8sXXB6y8Z9cThere are numerous job offers on the labor market. But it is difficult to actually get a job. Why? Because the technological progress doesn’t stop. New performance capabilities of the computer programs allow create better production design. So it is natural that the employers’ requirements to designers grow with every day. The responsibilities depend on the work specification.

The most demanded are the graphic design specialists. It is obvious that no kind of printed material can be created without designing it on the computer beforehand. In the polygraphic design people of two professions can find a job – with art and technical education. They manage the development of the product style, create illustrations which are being scanned and uploaded to PC. They should also have a good handle in pictural art, drawing technology, composition basics, sculpture, and even psychology.

Silent interview

5HCY3m_-nsAThe process of getting a job in a sphere of design quite differs from the other ones. The interviews pass quietly as the main thing here is the portfolio. The main part of employers stick to the thought that work samples can tell about the designers more than any words. It is a good portfolio that is able to help a person acquire a job, not their ability to wax eloquent. An ideal method to self-advertise is to participate in the exhibitions – these are the places where designers get really good job offers with pretty favorable conditions.

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Pros & Cons

Unlike the artists who cannot provide with an answer whether the fruits of their labor will give them anything in return, designers are sure of that as they are already working for the order. But designers can’t allow themselves create when there is a desire and time. New ideas should be realized meeting strict deadlines.


One of the minuses is inability to career-grow vertically. Designers can only develop their professional skills and become more demanded. But they cannot become junior specialists, then executive specialists, directors and so on. Such labels are not foreseen in this professional area. The most important thing one must do is continuously learn and expand one’s knowledge, so they are catching up with the latest trends.

Commonly, designers are the people who have chosen to convert their hobby into a profession. And if you decided to become a designer, ask yourself if you will be equally interested in your profession in a couple of years. Are you ready to devote all your life to it? If after all your answer is “Yes”, take a risk to show the world what beauty is and how to live with it.

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