Easy Cooking: Most Curious Life Hacks Ever!

If cooking is not your hobby, it is unlikely that you are aware of how to simplify your life in the kitchen. But there are thousands of secrets!


We have already written about how to quickly prepare ingredients for cooking.

Here is the moment of truth – read new tips and surprise your girlfriend!


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How to “take” a white out of egg


If you need only an egg white for your recipe, do not hurry to break the egg – you won`t need a yolk!


So pierce two sides of an egg using a large needle, then the white will emerge, but the yolk will stay in the egg and it won`t spoil within a few days.

How to quickly thaw fish


If you need to thaw the fish as soon as possible, place it in a plastic bag, carefully tie and put it in warm water. This way fish will thaw much sooner than at a room temperature.


Potatoes, be strong!


If you want your potatoes didn`t crumble, when you are cooking potatoes in their jackets, be sure to pierce the skin in several places with a fork.



How to store bananas


If you want bananas preserved longer and didn`t blacken, tightly wrap their ends with plastic or a film.


This is due to the allocation of large amounts of ethylene via the stalks of bananas – it stimulates the maturation of not only the bananas, but everything around.

Therefore, fruits beside bananas mature quickly too. On the other hand, if you have the unripened fruits – banana is here to help you!

How to store greens


If you want your greens (dill, parsley, cilantro) retained fresh, you need to wash it and not wiping it, put in a plastic lunch box, container or resealable plastic bag/container.


You can also wrap greens in a damp cloth. This will prolong the life of greens for a few days!


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Hot food – warm plate!


Imagine your delicious hot food cools down in the cold plate. So so quickly! And indeed, this hack will help you impress your woman with thoughtfulness.

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Warm oven to about 100°C and put there your plates for a minute. Attention! Plates should be warm proof!


How to cook beans


The secret of making tasty boiled beans: as soon as the water boils, drain the water, pour in some cold water and add 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil.


The intensity of senses: fight against pepper


When cutting hot peppers, for example, Chile or Jalapeno, your fingers begin to burn, and if you scratch your nose or eyes with those fingers – all life turns into hell for the next 20 minutes, and water and soap won`t help you with that.


If this happened to you, go for dairy products and other acids, oils and alcohol. Pepper juice is close to alkaline, so it neutralizes by acids and fats.

Choose lemon or tomato juice, milk or yogurt (especially if it burns in the mouth or on the face – you can make sour milk poultice), or olive oil.

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Garlic doesn`t come first!


Garlic has a very distinct flavor that will complement your dish. But we want to warn you: don`t put it too early. It will either burn or lose flavor and aroma.

If you put garlic in frying pan in the first place – you’re doing everything wrong!


How to store apples


If you don`t want darkened apples, do not forget to douse them in slightly salted cold water. By the way, the apple peel will help you get rid of a scum in a kettle.


Secret of tasty fried potato


Wanna cook tasty fried potatoes with spicy taste? Then always add a little bit of mustard when frying.


How to make an excellent fry fish


Note: before you fry fish, be sure to add salt, pepper, flour and an important thing to let it soak for 15-20 minutes.

This is done in order to keep fish solid when frying.



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