Easy, Effective & Interesting Ways To Earn Extra Cash

If you have a spare time, you can easily turn it into money – in fact, thanks to the Internet, there appeared many ways to earn extra cash!

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We have chosen for you the most proven and the most exciting of those ways.


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Mining (earning bitcoins)

“Lazy” earnings, requiring only turned on computer.

Mining (earning bitcoins) 1

The essence of mining: the resources of your computer (to be precise – the video cards) are combined with other computers in a single pool. So, the owner of the pool obtains bitcoins, and you get your percentage for participation in a common cause.

Mining (earning bitcoins) 2

Mining (earning bitcoins) 3

Prepared powerful computer will be able to earn 5-10 $ per hour. Only uniting in larger groups you can earn bundles of bitcoins (now bundle equals 25 bitcoins) – and more money.

Mining (earning bitcoins) 4

Mining (earning bitcoins) 5

The popular programs for earning bitcoins:

  • Eobot;
  • 50Miner;
  • BFGMiner;
  • Ufasoft Miner;
  • CGMiner.

Mining (earning bitcoins) 7

Earnings on advertising video

An interesting option to fill the pockets with coins, if you like to shoot videos: on camera, phone or video recorder. Many sites are ready to accept any materials and pay for each view!

Earnings on advertising video 4

Everything is simple: you can buy any product of a particular brand – and take memorable, viral video. Then you should approve it with the customer, put in a network and then the Internet will make everything itself!

Earnings on advertising video 2

Earnings on advertising video 1

Earnings on advertising video 5

With regard to the quality of the video – most customers are satisfied with material shot on a good smartphone.

Earnings on advertising video 3

Charm of this option is that fun, original, but amateur video no one perceives as the official advertising of goods, so it will not harm the brand.

Playing online games, testing games

If you love video games, stay for hours, days and nights in front of a monitor, with ecstasy embossing all the nonsense out of mobs and watch with a hope the experience strip in anticipation of the next level up, then this offer is for you.

Playing online games, testing games 1

For example, after registration you will be asked to participate in a browser-based MMORPG and take 10 level (approximately 2 hours of gaming). For this you will be charged a certain sum, which you can withdraw using your mobile phone, Steam, etc.

Playing online games, testing games 5

Playing online games, testing games 4

In addition, many companies-developers of computer games offer jobs for testers of their products, who should know these games very well in order to be able to identify any errors.

Earnings from this fun are pretty decent – you can earn from $ 15 per hour.

Playing online games, testing games 3

Playing online games, testing games 2

Best sites:

  • Gamingjobsonline.com;
  • Game-testers.net;
  • Vmc.com.

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Earnings on joint purchases

The bottom line is that a person who knows a lot about particular product, helps you choose from the great diversity of what the client needs – and at a reasonable price.

Earnings on joint purchases 1

Earnings on joint purchases 2

Earnings on joint purchases 5

Are you well versed in cars, clothing or any other expensive product (apartments, country real estate)? Then here you go:

  • place an ad: “I will help you determine, find, choose and buy at a reasonable price the laptop (car, apartment, cottage) that you really need when we purchase together.
  • you play the role of an independent expert to recommend the right thing (e.g., the property, which will grow in value faster), you will immediately see a fraud, show the  mistakes and recommend the product, which you are sure about, not the one the salesman wants to sell.

Earnings on joint purchases 3

Earnings on joint purchases 6

Earnings on joint purchases 4

Even in a crisis, demand for such services remains high and, according to Forbes, you can earn from 25 up to $ 100 thousand per year.

Saling photos to photo stocks

This kind of additional earnings is becoming more and more popular.

Saling photos to photo stocks 1

You need to take pictures of popular subjects (fashion, business, food, holidays, sport). Make their minimum processing in Photoshop and upload them on a photo stock.

Taking a photo with a smartphone in a forest

Saling photos to photo stocks 3

Saling photos to photo stocks 4

Once downloading the pictures, you will profit from every purchase of your photo for an unlimited period of time.

Saling photos to photo stocks 5

Saling photos to photo stocks 6

Saling photos to photo stocks 7

Note that in addition to the number of works, there is still a highly subjective parameter of their necessity, that’s why it is so important to shoot and do something that someone would want to buy.

Best photo stocks:

  • Shutterstock;
  • iStockPhoto;
  • Dreamstime;
  • Fotolia;
  • BigStockPhoto;
  • 123RF.

Participate in paid surveys

Marketing departments of many big brands are conducting polls on the Internet for understanding the wants of potential customers. Honest opinions are highly appreciated!

Participate in paid surveys 2

Once you register on certain sites, you can receive from 5 to 20 $ for one completed application form. Time to fill the questionnaire – from 10-30 minutes!

Participate in paid surveys 3

Participate in paid surveys 4

Participate in paid surveys 5

Best websites:

  • Myiyo.com;
  • GlobalTestMarket.com;
  • Toluna.com;
  • ProfiResearch.net;
  • Mobrog.com;
  • PointsPanel.com (you will need a smartphone or a tablet).

Participate in paid surveys 1

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