How To Choose The Paint Colour For Your Car

Getting bored with your current car colour and wanting to repaint it happens much more often than you think. Besides, there can be other reasons for repainting your car – for example, when your car has been damaged in an accident and now requires a new paint job. Choosing the right paint colour is a process that requires a lot of consideration; you can’t just select the shade on the spur of the moment. With these few easy steps you will easily make a colour choice that not only reflects your personality, but is also practical and secure.

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1. Consider safety

A lot of car owners are instantly drawn to bold colours like red, blue, and yellow, and it’s quite understandable. These hues are attention-grabbing, trendy, and are believed to be more noticeable on the road, which, in theory, should help you avoid accidents. However, the truth is that bright car colours are actually less safe than understated shades like silver and black. Brightly coloured cars put owners under the risk of traffic accidents, being pulled over by police, or even having their car stolen. Besides, car insurance companies often charge more for boldly coloured cars. In terms of safety, your best choice will be to paint your car silver or white; black is acceptable only under the condition that you don’t usually drive at night.


2. How do car colours affect our emotions?

It’s no secret that every colour has an emotional and psychological impact on the people seeing it, which is why your new car colour should project the image you choose. For instance, some car owners want to stand out from the crowd and go for red, yellow, or gold vehicles. Others want to slightly intimidate other drivers by painting their cars khaki or black. Another part of drivers want to be perceived as sleek and sophisticated, choosing dark blue or dark green car colours. And if you want to blend in with the environment and go virtually unnoticed, beige and silver should be your top choices.


3. Historical accuracy

This is a recommendation for owners of classic and vintage cars. You see, with time car colour trends and technology has evolved, which means that paint jobs that are considered to be tasteful and fashionable nowadays could have been unacceptable in the past. Before you decide to completely repaint your old car and drastically change its colour, spend some time looking through photos of the same model and trying to figure out if the new colour will not contradict the historical significance of your car’s original colour. In the past the most popular car colours were white, black, red, dark green, and dark blue, so think along these lines.


4. Research current trends

After all, you’re going to be driving your newly painted car in a modern environment, which means that your vehicle should at least correspond to the most common trends of car paint these days. Choosing an outdated colour scheme or pattern for your car can result in your car standing out from the rest of the vehicles, but not in a good way. Don’t make a rushed decision – you can either do your research online by looking at cars on JiJi and noticing which colours are the most popular, or you can go to the nearest paint salon and talk to the painters; after all, they are the ones with the most extensive car painting experience, so no one will give you more tips on painting your car than them.


5. Make the colour and body style match

Although you’re free to choose the colour you want based on a number of different factors, one of the most important ones are your car’s model, because while one particular paint colour can look amazing on one body style, the same colour can look odd and outlandish on another car. For example, a sporty coupe will get a stunning look if you choose red, yellow or bright blue as your primary colour, but a truck or large SUV painted the same colour will not give an impression of a successful and serious owner. On the other hand, the widest choice of colours is available to sedan owners: apart from neon colours and other too bright hues, every colour will look good on a sedan, so keep that in mind while shopping for a new car colour.


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