How To Perform Cool Football Feints And Tricks?

Anyone who can play football wants to learn the coolest tricks as fast as he can. Partly because it can help them to win, and partly just because it`s cool!!



In order to perform some trick really great, you will need a professional manual. But that`s not all!

You will need a quality ball, special clothing that provides maximum comfort, and quality football boots. Then nothing will be on the way to perform coolest feint ever!



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Keep the ball on fire – learn how to make astonishing football feints –

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The tricky move to the side

You need to show your opponent that you move to one direction or another. Make a lunge to the right, but the next second bean to the left with the ball. You can show this with a torso, not a leg.

If the opponent won`t believe your feint, he will easily have the naked ball.

Going forward with a snatch

If you are a fast man, you can easily pass the opponent, after toeing the ball forward and speed ahead of him. It’s also best that you already were on speed moving forward. But if you can make a quick start, you can throw the ball from a place and quickly gain the speed, running up to it faster.

The main thing is to send it to a free zone, where there are no other contenders.

You need to have enough open space in front of you and have a good starting and distance speed.


Keeping the ball in front of you, make circular movements with your feet around it. At some point an opponent will lean in one direction or another, and you are to rush with the ball to the opposite side.

You need to have an excellent coordination and bring reception to automaticity with multiple repetitions.

Feint with pulling the ball back

The purpose of this trick is to weaken the enemy’s attention provoking a protective reaction. Simulating the motion of hitting the ball with toe, football player stimulates the emergence of the enemy`s defensive reaction.

Using the opponent confusing, the player puts his foot on the ball and pulls it to the side or to the back (with a heel or sole). In the first phase of the movement they use the same actions as during hitting the ball with inside part of the foot, in the second phase – dragging the ball with the outer instep.


You want the ball to roll with one foot back, and catch it with the other foot and make a circular motion around your own axis, toeing the ball further forward.

You must possess excellent coordination and the ability to instantly assess the position. It is desirable to comply with several conditions, for example, that the opponent moved near you on parallel course.

The ball rolled under foot back

In some situations you can outwit your opponent, if you roll the ball with one foot back. This trick can be used when you run with the ball at speed and the opponent runs near you at the side or he runs up to you. You just need to stop the ball.

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The opponent will fly on his speed forward. And you will have an opportunity for further maneuver.

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Tossing the ball between the opponent`s feet

Keep track of the location of the opponent`s feet. Your move should be quick, virtually invisible, and touching the ball should be short and precise – with the toe of the shoe.  At an opportune moment, you can send the ball between his feet.

To do this, you need to look at the opponent, rather than on the ball and seeing where there is such a possibility, send the ball between his feet and run around him on the side.

The players really don’t like it when someone uses this trick and after it try to revenge in all possible ways, acting on thin ice.

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Tossing ball with a heel

Without looking at the ball, turn around back to it and gently pass it with the heel so that the next moment you will have time to turn around and be in the same place where you sent the ball.

It is necessary to have “eyes in the back of your head,” that is to assess the situation and define the location of the opponent and his distance to you and to the ball.

“Freeze” feint with stepping on the ball and dribbling in the same direction

Learn this technique immediately after mastering a series of “freeze” feints and changing movement direction.

The player leading the ball and attacked by opponent at the side, quickly performs the stop of the ball with his foot, then continues to move in the same direction with acceleration and the enemy remains behind.
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Turning to the side

Taking the ball, pretend that you are going to deal with it or to pass it by touch. Instead, turn around sharply in one direction or another, passing the ball to your legs.

You need to have sufficient dimensions to first hide the ball with your body, and then put the torso to an opponent. Feint is not very complicated, but requires very careful execution, otherwise you can lose the ball.

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