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With new smartphones coming out every months, buying a brand new smartphone becomes somewhat of a hobby for many of today’s consumers. If you’re looking for a new Tecno, iPhone, HTC, Samsung, or Blackberry, you’re guaranteed to find thousands of high quality smartphones on JiJi. However, not everyone has the ability to switch smartphones every couple of months. If you want your current smartphone to last you for as long as possible, check out this guide.

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1. Use a screen protector

The touchscreen is one of the most sensitive parts of a smartphone, and one of the most expensive ones to replace. No one is safe from dropping their phone on the ground, accidentally hitting it, or subjecting it to other forms of damage. Protect your phone’s screen from being irreparably ruined by buying a tempered glass screen protector of the right size. Don’t worry – today’s screen protectors are so thin that they won’t affect your touchscreen’s performance.


2. Get a high quality case

Although the back of your smartphone isn’t as sensitive and prone to damage as the front, it still needs a certain level of protection. Most users opt for a hard case that covers the back and the sides of the smartphone. Of course, even the most expensive case cannot protect your phone against all kinds of damage, but it will keep the smartphone safer for a long time.


3. Reboot your phone regularly

In a lot of ways smartphones are similar to computers, but while you turn off your computer each time after using it, you rarely or never turn off your smartphone. Like computers, a typical smartphone will benefit from a regular reboot. Allow your phone to power down for a couple of minutes every week or two, and you’ll notice it runs significantly faster. By doing this you also make your battery last longer.


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4. Find the right place in the car

A lot of smartphone users enjoy the benefits of having a built-in navigation system right in their phone, using it as a road map and asking their smartphones for directions while driving to an unknown location in their car. However, it’s very important that you drive your smartphone around the right way. Make sure your phone is properly secured and will not fall down at the nearest bump or stop. A convenient phone holder designed specifically for cars will greatly help you.


5. Don’t clutter your phone

If you have substantial memory in your smartphone, it becomes very tempting to keep storing photos, documents, and apps even when you no longer need them. If you tend to use your smartphone as an endless storage device, you may soon be experiencing various lags, freezes, and other annoying problems. To avoid slowing down your smartphone, regularly clean it of useless files and apps you no longer use.


6. Use cloud storage

In case your phone doesn’t have enough memory, or if you still want to keep a lot of photos and files, take advantage of the cloud technology. Access to a cloud gives you an opportunity to store almost unlimited amounts of data in an online account, where you can retrieve it any time you need. Depending on the type of phone you have, access to cloud can be already built into your smartphone, or you will have to create a separate account. Be careful: some cloud websites provide a small amount of space for free and ask you to pay if you want more.


7. Avoid viruses

Even though it’s much easier to get infected by a virus on a desktop computer than on a smartphone, people still catch viruses on their mobile phones every day. Most viruses are hidden in malicious apps, so never download apps anywhere other than Apple’s and Google’s official app stores. Additionally, don’t click on suspicious links or download suspicious files. If you do get infected by a virus, the only way to get rid of it is to either reset your iPhone or to put your Android phone into safe mode and delete the malicious app.


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