Men’s Guide To Dress For Success

Becoming a successful adult includes a lot of aspects. Some consider owning a house, apartment, or car to be a declaration of your success and financial independence. Others believe that only men with large and happy families can be viewed as truly successful. Whatever your opinion on the definition of success is, there is no arguing with the fact that a successful man is also a well-dressed one, so if you want your appearance to clearly reflect your personality, your clothes are a way for you to start.

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1. Pay attention to accessories

Men with the littlest bit of fashion sense that the right accessories can elevate your whole look even when you’re wearing inexpensive, non-flashy clothes. One or two understated accessories will help you stand out from the crowd just enough to get noticed. A good way to go is to buy several trendy ties, a tie bar, a pair of cufflinks, and a light-colored pocket square – they will make even the most boring suit look amazing.


2. Find your perfect suit

Although buying a suit doesn’t seem hard at first, finding the one that fits you flawlessly is a rather big deal. The truth is you probably won’t find a suit that 100% fits you, especially if you have non-standard body dimensions. The key to looking great in a suit is to have it tailored – meaning, you can buy a regular suit and take it to a professional tailor who will make amendments in the suit so that it fit you like second skin.


3. Don’t hold back on jewelry

A lot of men are afraid of putting jewelry on themselves, worrying it will make them look not as serious as professional as they are. However, one or two tasteful pieces of jewelry will add a hint of success to your look. If you’re only starting to wear jewelry, opt for a beautiful wristwatch or a leather bracelet. Try to stay away from piercing jewelry, string bracelets, and anything that may be considered childish or too flashy – unless you’re a movie star, of course.


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4. Choose the right T-shirts

T-shirts can be found in every man’s wardrobe: they’re affordable, versatile, and comfortable. However, not every t-shirt can be worn by a grown successful man. If you’re wearing a t-shirt with cartoon characters or silly phrases printed on it, don’t be surprise when people perceive you not as a successful adult, but as a man-child with a bad taste in clothes. Better choose solid-colored, well-fitting t-shirts in neutral colors like gray, olive, black, and navy.


5. Get one pair of great jeans

Like t-shirts, jeans are a staple of a typical man’s wardrobe. If you’re not following a dress code at work, it’s safe to say that jeans are you most frequently worn item of clothing, so it makes perfect sense to choose jeans that not only fit you well, but are also made from high quality material and display great workmanship. Instead of buying multiple pairs of low quality jeans, invest in a pair of expensive ones and they’ll last you for years.


6. Match patterns like a pro

A lot of men seem to believe that colorful patterns are designed to be worn by celebrities, not regular men. However, the ability to mix patterns or to incorporate a single pattern into a look flawlessly is a valuable skill for a successful man. Don’t let patterns intimidate you – a great rule is to combine patterns that differ in size – for example, pinstripes go well with larger gingham pattern. As a result, you’ll look like a fashion pro while remaining professional.


7. Buy a great bag

If you look around you on a busy city street, you will realize that nearly none of adult men carry a proper bag – the best you can hope for is a backpack or a nylon messenger bag that might be comfortable and cheap, but does not help you convey your success in any way. Stand out from the crowd and look like a true professional by buying a high quality leather bag or briefcase: not only are these bags extremely stylish, but they are also remarkably practical and can carry everything you take with you on a long work day.


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