Men’s Ultimate Guide To Shaving

Although beards and moustaches are super trendy right now, not every man is ready to grow a luscious beard – some fear it’s too much maintenance, while others simply prefer a clean shaven look. If you’re sticking to shaving, it’s safe to say that you find it a bit annoying, especially when you have to do it every day. However, there are ways to make the shaving process less frustrating – just follow our tips and shave like a pro!

Must-know tips from JiJi

1. Shave after shower

A lot of guys prefer to do it the other way round – first they shave their faces, and then they get into the shower. However, this technique doesn’t do anything for you! If you aim for better results, take a nice hot shower before you grab your razor. The hot water from the shower will make the hairs in your beard softer and will open your pores, so you can shave and properly clean your face at the same time. Shaving after a hot shower also reduces risk of irritation and redness that often follows shaving, so your skin will be thankful after you try this trick.


2. Do you need aftershave?

There is a wide variety of aftershave cosmetics designed specifically for men, but there is the right time and place to use each of them. Generally aftershave products are available as splashes or balms. A splash will make your skin clearer and will eliminate chances of infection; however, aftershave splashes often have high alcohol content, which can dry out your skin and cause irritation. Aftershave balms are a much milder product; it leaves your skin soft and moisturized while also helping with irritation and redness.


3. Make coconut oil your new best friend

Chances are you’ve already heard about the healing benefits of coconut oil, especially since it’s currently used in everything from making food to treating one’s hair and skin. Not many guys know that pure coconut oil with no additional ingredients can also be used in shaving. Use instead of your regular shaving cream and you’ll instantly notice a difference between the old cream and coconut oil. Keep your oil out of the fridge, so it doesn’t harden too much. Additionally, you can use coconut oil as an aftershave balm – its healing properties are well known and loved in the world.

4. What to do if you’re bleeding

Bleeding after shaving happens to the best of us, so the question is not how to avoid cutting yourself, but what to do once there is blood coming out of your face. We all know about the old method of tearing tiny pieces of napkins or toilet paper and pressing them against the cuts, but there is a more effective and faster solution. Just take your regular antiperspirant deodorant and put a small amount on the bleeding parts of your face. Since antiperspirants are excellent at clogging your pores, they will do an amazing job of stopping the bleeding process. You can also use a tiny dot of wax-based lip balm.


5. Choose your direction

For years you’ve been told that shaving along the direction your hair is growing (also known as shaving with the grain) is generally better – the hairs from your beard come off very easily, and the risk of irritation and redness is super low. However, if you want to achieve a very clean-shaven look, then you’ll simply have to shave parts of your face against the grain. For better results first shave your entire face with the grain, and then shave the necessary parts against the grain. But we need to warn you: shaving against the grain, even if you’re being really careful, often results in ingrown hairs.


6. Get rid of redness and irritation

This is something every adult man can relate to – no matter how precise you are while shaving, redness and irritation happen much more often than you’d hoped for, which is why everyone needs a quick solution for eliminating those symptoms. If your face is red after shaving, take a clean washcloth, soak it in hot water (but not too hot) and press it against your skin for 30 seconds. For even better results add a bit of tea tree oil to the water: not only will the oil give you a cool, tingling sensation, but it will also serve as an antiseptic, killing the bacteria and keeping your skin clean and healthy.


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