How To Surprize Your Lady On Women’s Day

March 8 is coming! And on the day of gift cards, flowers and soft toys, you probably want to surprise your beloved Lady! If this year you have decided to show a little originality and give what she does not expect here a selection of cool ideas from JiJi! Let her spent a day for herself – find a good beauty salon and bring her there. Honey massage, SPA, professional hairstyling, visage – and in the evening you will meet your own superstar! After you can walk in your favourite places or spent romantic dinner at home.


If you don’t know what to buy, open JiJi and go away from PC. If she wants something – she will look through the pages. You can read history and buy exactly that thing!

2. Creative but not expensive surprise you can make by yourself! Find all cosmetics she uses on JiJi, and change labels! Instead fabric labels write your own with compliments! For example – Shampoo For My Pretty, Cream for the most caressing hands, Lipstick for sweetest lips in the world.

3. Wardrobe changing. Every woman like new clothes and accessories. No comments. You know where to find it))

JiJi – buy and sell to real people! Allow her to party with friends, if she wants. If you have children let your sweetheart to remember how it is like to walk with friends without worries about children. After that she will miss them more, than you can imagine.

More on next page! Fragrance. It is hard to find something what another person will like. You can read what odor she prefers and buy it HERE. But before presenting organise a little flesh-mob. You can ask her or your friends to help you. Or write different prompting messages and hide them in the apartment. And when she finally finds them – tell her how mush you love your woman.

JiJi – all in one for every taste! Women are always in the race for the new bags and after buying them for a long time boast to one another: “Look what I have!”. And although we do not understand their enthusiasm, you can find some interesting option handbag or purse – every woman will say that bags do not happen much. But to buy them rather risky: to please the girl in this case is very difficult. You can sit her at the PC and ask to find what she likes) Purse is also a good idea. Or leather cover for passport – at all useful thing. Usually these small things the girls do not take care of, but if you take care of her documents, she will be pleased. Donate her hobby. She likes knitting  and crocheting? Present her new instruments. She’s in fond of painting – buy paints. She is goddess of flowers – ask, does she need help or new seeds.

8. New gadget. are too feminine to know all the differences between smartphones, but every Lady will be glad to receive new one. Especially if it has a good camera. Especially if she broke previous.

Have a good day with JiJi !