Top 20 Most Extraordinary Hotels In The World

With the flow of time and evolution it has become clear that human mind has no limits in its intelligence and creativity. Every day people are breaking racking their brains in order to create something unique, something breathtaking, something that will stay for ages and will get amazed anyone who will ever have a look at it. So find here 20 most extraordinary pieces of architecture art.

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1) Finland, Hotel Kakslauttanen


Under the stars and in the snowy wild forest.

2) Zanzibar, Floating hotel



Experience of feeling like you are a part of the powerful ocean.

3) Turkey, Fairy Chimney Hotel


Do you like chimneys that much?

4) Sweden, Ice Hotel


Are you an adrenaline junkie?

5) Belgium, Church Hotel


Keep God in your heart literally in any time of yur life, even when on vacation.

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6) London, Harry Potter Hotel


Are you found of J.K.Rowling’s bestseller and its adventurous content? Experience the aura on yourself.

7) Sweden, Kolarbyn Ecolodge


Save the environment & become closer to the ancestors.

8) France, Attrap Reves Hotel


Hey, there! I’m watching you! Don’t forget to wear pants.

9) Costa Rica, Plane Hotel


Wanna fly in your dreams a bit?

10) South Africa, Kingston Treehouse


As closest to the nature as it could possibly be.

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11) Sweden, Mirrorcube Tree House


Feel like you are on the top of the world.

12) France, Half-graffiti Hotel


Are you found of painting? Add some of your masterpiece skills to these walls.

13) Singapore, Wanderlust Hotel


Meet me out in spaaaace! Or just go to Singapore 🙂

14) China, Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort


This is just simply beautiful.

15) Japan, Capsulevalue Kanda


For all the tourists budget traveling to Japan. Just £30 per night!

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16) USA, Library Hotel


Are you crazy about reading? And you can’t stand reading on electronic devices? The most vast variety of paper books can be found not in the library, but in this amazing hotel!

17) Canada, Free Spirit Spheres


Feel yourself an UFO stuck among the trees.

18) Sweden, Utter Inn


Submerged bedroom and the panoramic windows, no space to walk around, just take off your clothing and enjoy the swimming!

19) Kenya, Giraffe Manor


Welcome new guests coming through windows to join your breakfast table.

20) Netherlands, Grand Hotel de Kromme Raake


Actually, it’s a bit exeggerating to say ‘Grand” hotel as it is the smallest hotel in the world with one room in it! Wanna be the only guest?

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