Top 5 Tips To Make First Positive Impression On Employer

First impression cannot be made twice. Especially it regards the first impression you do on your potential employer. Your appearance, body language, the way you behave can literally ruin everything. Or…become your best advantage! – the positive impression that cannot be changed

When meeting someone for the first time it is enough to have a conversation for a couple of minutes in order to understand whether you like that person or not. And to catch somebody’s fancy is very important, especially if it’s your potential employer. Getting prepared for an interview and coming in time with all the documents ready is not enough. Sometimes the details of your appearance and your behavior play equal role.

# Haircut

D0WvSNH7o9cThe first thing your employer will set his eyes on is how you look after yourself. He will assess everything: your haircut, your manicure, your makeup – but not each of the elements separately, but the whole picture in total. It’s like a haircut – you can’t comb your hair on one part of your head and leave the other part untouched. Everything should stay in harmony.

# Clothes

pUnG4c3_4VgRegardless of what you wear, make sure it corresponds to your occupation area and the company you’ve chosen. The most important thing is to not cut it too far. If it’s allowed to wear t-shirts, it doesn’t mean you should denude yourself. In banking sphere, for example, there is more austere style adopted than in the sphere of design. In any ways, try to avoid bright colors and staring design that will distract the employer and make him intrigued. The most important ‘thing’ at the interview is you yourself and not your orange blouse. Think about what to wear ahead.

# Accessories

1CAKU5oN0eQDifferent accessories should complement your outlook and not become its main feature. Leave huge earrings, rings and necklaces for the night parties. You shouldn’t make a sound when you take something with your hand or turn your head.

# Body language

89YLmA4blG4Your upright carriage during the interview will show you as a self-confident person. This is going to be a good sign for an employer. Don’t cross or swing your legs, moreover, don’t tape a rhythm with your legs. They should stay steady on the ground. Watch out for bad habits, such as biting your lips, touching your hair all the time, or turning a pencil all the time.

Smile, keep an eye contact, your face should express an interest, not anxiety, scare, indifference, or despair. Body language can tell a lot about you, that’s why it’s important to learn how to control it.

# Handshake

ymU3KqG__bkDon’t do anything abnormal when it comes to handshaking. Don’t make your hand relaxed completely, squeeze it too hard, or make a sweeping motion of the arm. There is nothing good your conversation partner will think about you after all of this. Just give a hand and say “It was very nice to meet you”.

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