Trick Or…10 Funny Ways To Fool Them On April 1st

Tic-toc, the clock is going on therefore bringing the All Fools Day closer to our door. This special day was created for everyone including those who are the most pessimistic people on Earth. Moreover, if you have such people among your friends, make them laugh a bit using these simple tricks to fool them.

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1) Cell phone prank

1Firstly, spy upon your friend when he/she will leave their cell phone off-hand. Take it quickly and change the language settings into a foreign language he/she doesn’t know for sure. It could be even Chinese or Japanese. The most important thing is to remember the way to get to the settings and change them back. Otherwise, this trick won’t be funny at all.

2) Oreo cookie prank

2Buy Oreo cookies and replace the filling with toothpaste. Then offer some cookies to your friends or colleagues at work. Refresh their day a bit and …wish them “Buon appetite!”

3) Ransom prank

3Organize a real kidnapping! – kidnapping of some of your colleague’s properties. It could be a cell phone, a laptop, a purse, or a favorite book. Just take it and leave a ransom note on the table.

4) Appointments prank

4Wait until one of your colleagues goes to the restroom and set odd appointments on their Outlook calendar. Don’t forget to set the alarms so they could pop up all day long.

5) Eggs prank

5To fool your beloved one, hard boil all the eggs you have in the refrigerator and put them back to place. Then, on April 1st when waking up in the morning ask your wife/husband to make an omelet for you while you will be taking a shower.

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6) Conference call prank

6To make this one work you won’t need much time and efforts. Just conference call two people, stay silent, and listen.

7) Alarm clock prank

7Come to your friend’s home a day before All Fool’s Day, bring a small alarm clock with you and set it for 3 a.m. Then hide it somewhere under bed or in the wardrobe. It’s even better if the alarm clock has an option of choosing some weird sounds like horse nicker or cow moo.

8) Air horn prank

8Buy an air horn and attach it to your colleague’s seat with a sticky tape. That’s it! The only thing that is left for you to wait for is your colleague’s reaction when he/she comes to work and tries to sit on the chair.

9) Mouse prank

9Attach a small piece of paper over the ball of someone’s computer mouse. And it is better if you put a smiling face on that piece of paper, just so your colleague smiles back and has a good mood throughout the day.

10) Copy machine prank

11Print a picture of Nikolas Cage and stick it to the upper side of the copy machine in your office. Every time someone of your colleagues will try to make a copy of the documents, they will get a smiling Nikolas Cage’s face on it as a bonus.

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