What’’s Hot: Outstanding Mobile Technologies

Scientists from all over the world continue to develop cutting-edge mobile technologies for smartphones.


By long-standing tradition, devices created on the basis of new technologies will be even smaller, faster and smarter.



Constraints disappear that opens even more opportunities before the users of smartphones.


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What amazing technologies have appeared lately?

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Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner Sense ID by Qualcomm

Fingerprint sensors are used in modern smartphones and computers. They are fast, reliable, easy to use – but they all use images to determine the contours of papillary pattern, and this method is quite vulnerable.

Sense ID Qualcomm 3

Qualcomm has developed a new fingerprint scanner Sense ID that doesn`t have this kind of vulnerability. Its sensor creates a three-dimensional picture of a fingerprint using ultrasonic waves – it`s much harder to cheat this scanner!

Sense ID Qualcomm 2

Sense ID Qualcomm 1

Due to using the ultrasound, the scanner is not “afraid” of such obstacles as glass, metal, plastic – it can be installed directly below the display, there is no need to place it in a separate area, like in the case of the iPhone or Google Nexus.

Sense ID Qualcomm 4

The first samples of the scanner are already on board of the smartphone LeTV Le Max Pro. Further there would be suggestions for Apple, Samsung and Motorola.

Breakthrough 3D fingerprint authentication with Snapdragon Sense ID

Please see our updated Snapdragon Sense ID fingerprint technology with innovative liveness detection video here: https://youtu.be/0df9m0qTo-8 Qualcomm® Snapdragon Sense™ ID 3D fingerprint technology, the latest in cutting-edge biometric fingerprint authentication. Snapdragon Sense ID is the first comprehensive mobile biometric solution based on ultrasonic technology. Subscribe to see more Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/Snapdrag…

The first intelligent bio-processor by Samsung

Samsung Electronics presented a progressive bio-processor for mobile market of medical orientation.

???????????? ?? Samsung 1

For improving and understanding the new Samsung bio-processor, there are portable devices that demonstrate different ways of using it. “Bio-processor” can be embedded in fitness trackers, for example, bracelets that disclose the potential of bio-processor to measure physical variables on a microscopic device. All data is transferred to the smartphone application.

???????????? ?? Samsung 5

???????????? ?? Samsung 4

Samsung bio-processor will appear on fitness devices during the first half of the year 2016.

???????????? ?? Samsung 3

???????????? ?? Samsung 2


No Description

Wireless charger by Oppo

At the Barcelona exhibition MWC 2016 Oppo presented a new version of extremely fast wireless charger Super VOOC.

Oppo 3

Super VOOC of third generation aims to significantly increase the speed of charging the battery of your smartphone. So, using this charger you can charge a usual smartphone with 2 500 mAh capacity battery within 15 minutes.

Oppo 4

Oppo 2

Device first debuts in the new flagship of the company – Find 9. Also, Find 9 will get Snapdragon 820 chip and 4 Gb RAM module.

Oppo 1

Oppo 5

It is noteworthy that OPPO charger supports not only micro-USB, which today are widely used in the vast majority of smartphones running the Android operating system, iOS and Windows Phone, but also a modern USB-C plug.

OPPO VOOC Flash Fast Charging Tested and Compared

This reality test is done out of curiosity because we heard that VOOC can charge a smartphone to 75% in merely 30 minutes. Verdict – It does. Visit http://www.gadgetstouse.com to read more detailed reviews, unboxing, hands on and overview of smartphones, tablets, tech and gadgets, we also post hands on review of gadgets and accessories.

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Sharper video playback technology without much energy loss

A group of researchers from Kogakuin University and Fujitsu Ltd has completed the development of a new technology that allows smartphones and tablets play video of super-high resolution in real-time, without spending much battery power on it.

Video 1

Unlike other technologies for creation images with ultra-high resolution, this one uses original method of “nonlinear processing of signals”.

Video 4

Video 5

The edges of the image objects detected using high-frequency filters are being processed using nonlinear transformation functions. It allows you to create the sense of super-high resolution and improve picture quality even on monitors that do not support such a resolution.
Video 3

Moreover, the technology does not require great computing power due to the absence of computing functions of post-processing. It is based on simple computational algorithms that even no so powerful processors for mobile devices can handle in real-time.

4K ULTRA HD OLED SAMPLER video Resolution Test Demo, Stock Video HD vs 4K

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New miniature hyperspectral camera HyperCam: all-seeing eye

Ordinary cameras handle the light of visible range, and hyperspectral ones – in a broader range of the spectrum, showing us things our eyes can`t see. Such cameras were big and expensive lately.

HyperCam 2

But researchers from the University of Washington and Microsoft Research company are actively fighting this injustice and promise to provide in a short term cheap miniature cameras that can be easily integrated into a smartphone or a tablet.
HyperCam 1

HyperCam, radiates and picks up the reflected light in 17 different ranges of wavelengths spanning the visible area of the electromagnetic spectrum and completely capturing nearly the entire infrared area.

HyperCam 3

HyperCam 5

For example, the camera can see the drawing of blood vessels under the skin or determine the degree of fruit ripeness. During the testing HyperCam camera identified 25 people with 99 percent accuracy by their blood vessels drawing. And ripeness degree of 10 fruit types was determined with 94 percent accuracy!

HyperCam: HyperSpectral Imaging for Ubiquitous Computing Applications

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