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Like makeup, clothes and accessories play an important part in the way we present ourselves to the world. The way we dress is influenced by a lot of factors, like age, tastes in clothes, and the occasion. And while you can dress for various occasions according to your personal preferences, there are times when it’s important to follow some rules, which are known as a dress code. Depending on the occasion, your dress code can vary greatly, so if you have a wedding or other event to attend and don’t know what to wear, check out our guide!

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1. Job interview

Making a good impression is the main goal of any job interview, and clothes are an essential component of your image. The things you wear to interview must reflect your smart, committed, and serious personality, which is why looking well-groomed and polished is a must. A suit for men or a pencil skirt with a plain shirt for women is classic interview attire. If you’re struggling with making a choice, you can contact the HR manager at the company and find out about the dress code directly. Don’t be afraid to ask this question – it demonstrates your interest in the company and the job.


2. Wedding

Here we won’t tell you what to wear in case its your wedding – after all, the bride and the groom are the ones who make this choice. However, if you are invited to a wedding, keep in mind that most weddings are white-tie or black-tie events, unless the couple have provided their guests with a specific dress code. This means that if you’re a man, wear your best suit or tuxedo. Try not to use any flashy colors, although a small colorful accent like a tie or kerchief is a great way to spice up your outfit. Ladies are free to pick any pretty dress, preferably floor-length. Remember to never wear a white dress to a wedding – white is reserved exclusively for the bride.


3. Business dinner

Business parties are often held at large companies in order to celebrate, meet new bosses, improve the team work, or greet important clients or partners. These parties are a great chance to build your contact network, get a promotion, or even a job offer. However, in order for you to make the right impression, your attire must be impeccable. The dress code for this occasion is smart casual – not as formal as your office wear, but not as fancy as you would choose for a wedding. Smart dresses, skirts and blouses are an excellent choice for women, while men can stick to khakis or casual pants, a nice shirt, and loafers.

4. First date

The very first date can either make or break your new relationship, and while a lot of the success of the first date depends on your behavior and attitude, the clothes you wear are equally important. Don’t try too hard – your date will instantly notice this and it won’t play in your favor. If you’re a girl, dress casually: for example, put on your favorite skinny jeans, a cute T-shirt, and pretty yet comfortable shoes. Don’t overdo it with makeup! Men will look good in jeans, shirts, casual shoes, and with a couple of accessories that demonstrate your personality, like bags and glasses.


5. An evening at the theatre

In the past theatres had very strict requirements regarding what their guests could wear. Even 50 years ago it was all about ball gowns, gloves, tuxedos, and formal footwear. Luckily, these days you don’t have to buy a new suit or dress every time you want to see a play – simply pick the clothes that suit you and are not too casual. Women can opt for knee-length cocktail dresses with heels, while men can put on their favorite pants with a shirt. However, jeans, tops, and t-shirts are also acceptable, especially when the theatre is not so formal.


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