10 Most Frequently Asked Questions At The Job Interview

Many people perceive interviews as a trial. Anyway, there is something else needed, except for a good luck. And a worth preparation is probably on the first place here. So have a look at 10 most popular questions that are given at the interviews and get prepared with your own answers.

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#1 – Tell about yourself. Why have you got interested in this position?

2Shortly tell about your previous experience, concentrate on the most relevant details and don’t gas away. Then specify how your experience can be useful at this position. Make an accent on important achievements and skills. Your narration should characterize you as a responsible, interested, and adapted to any kind of working tasks person.

#2 – What do you know about our company?

– Show that you have been interested in the company and its activity – its product or services, its story, and the reputation. Let the interviewer tell you more, ask questions, and listen attentively.

#3 – Why do you want to work here?

3– Estimate the company’s possibilities and tell what you could do for it and what result could be. Show that you want to become a part of their team so that you could achieve great results together passing through all the obstacles that might happen on your way.

#4 – Why should we choose you?

– The question is a bit similar to the previous one. But still it requires you to be able deliver to your employer all those important skills and abilities that can help their company blossom.

#5 – What atmosphere do you feel comfortable to work in?

4– Before you give an answer to this question, you should estimate the company’s philosophy and take a closer look to the atmosphere other employees work in. And first of all, you should answer honestly, otherwise this work won’t be for your pleasure. You should feel comfortable every minute spent working, and the corporate culture should be only one of the advantages.

#6 – Whom do you see yourself in 3-5 years?

– Tell how you imagine your work in the company. The employer should know you are not intending to leave at first best possibility. Describe the experience and skills you want to get during this time. Mention career opportunities of the potential job position showing you are willing to achieve results bringing benefits for both sides.

#7 – Describe your weak and strong sides.

6– Be honest, but end up on the positive note. Say you are always glad to grow professionally and personally. Tell how you have managed to deal with one of your disadvantages and convert it into an advantage. Everyone has their weak points, the most important thing is that they should not be connected to your professional responsibilities.

#8 – How would your friends and colleagues describe you?

– Recall in your memory all the positive moments you shared with your close people. You may even remind about the critics you have heard about your persona, just show you are ready to be criticized and listen to other people. Demonstrate your abilities to hit it off with any type of people, especially at work.

#9 – Why do you want to change the current job?

7Don’t criticize your present or ex employer. You may say you have achieved at your current job position everything you wanted and know it’s time to move forward.

#10 – When are you able to start working?

– Show your enthusiasm and flexibility. But keep in mind, that it doesn’t mean the employer needs you right tomorrow. If you are looking for a job while being employed, you can get to work in a new one only after you manage all the issues at your old one. Your new employer should take it with understanding as they had also lost their employees once.

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