Tips For Irresistible Lips

1. It is impossible to make a good makeup with cosmetics of poor quality. Do not buy very cheap lipstick. It is not only looks bad on the lips, but also has an unpleasant smell and taste.

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2. If you like experiments, you can create unique shades by mixing a few available colors. Take a little bit from two lipsticks with lip brush and mix, for example, on the back of the hand in a way you enjoy.

3. If your lip pencil is stiff, heat it a little on the match flame .

4. If a pencil, on the contrary, is too soft, place it on a few minutes in the refrigerator.

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5. Dry lipstick lasts longer on the lips. Apply it with foam applicator or a finger. Dry lipstick looks natural and lasts twice longer than usual. Its main disadvantage is that there is almost no fat, and it a little dries lips.

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6. To make a lipstick last longer, do not forget to powder the lips before applying it. In addition, you can use so-called cream-clamps, which are typically applied prior to the application of the lipstick. They dehydrate the surface of the lips, and lipstick lasts tightly for a long time.

7. If you have no possibility to periodically correct makeup, use a good brand. Such lipstick should be applied in a single layer and you should wait without closing the lips, about 5 minutes, until the paint absorbs.

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8. Do not lubricate the lips with cream. On the basis of the fat even good long-lasting lipstick will fade. However, try not to move to the use of only resistant lipstick, as it dries the lips. If for some reason it is ideal for you, pay more attention to the lip care, replenishing nutrition and moisturising.

9. Instead of lipstick on the lips can be applied cream blush of gentle shade.

10. If you want to make your lips shiny and preserve their natural color, take a colorless pearly lipstick that gives lips a delightful flickering. This product can be applied over color lipstick.

11. To make the lips more natural apply lipstick with your fingers and slowly rub it. As a result, the color will appear more muted and natural.

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12. If you want to make an evening makeup and wish to give lips shine, cover them with very thin layer of gold or silver eye shadow. They can be applied by fingers. Gold or silver glitter on the lips looks especially beautiful in the candlelight.

13. If you have chapped lips, for a few days, avoid dark shades of lipstick. It will only emphasize the cracks, and makeup will look sloppy. It is better to use lip gloss of a nude color or colorless.

14. To brighten the dark lipstick, mix in the palm a small amount of lipstick and a light foundation to the desired color and apply with a brush on the lips.

15. When applying makeup be sure to choose what to emphasize – eyes or lips. It is better to give preference for something to one, otherwise the face will look unnatural. In addition, it is proved that the man is difficult to focus on two sites on your face. If you crave a kiss – show it, emphasizing lips.

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