10 Simple Advices To Start Making Money Successfully

How to earn money? How? This is actually the key question that everyone should be interested about. Not where and not why, and no other “Wh” questions. When inspecting the psychology of the process of earning money, one can find a consistent pattern that can be successfully executed if you follow these 10 simple advices.

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1) Psychology is 50% of success!

1Psychological readiness is probably the most important thing at every beginning. When starting a new day, choose a positive approach to things and set a good mood. Take everything with a hot heart but a cool head. Don’t be nervous and don’t worry over trifles. And most importantly, don’t catch the stars after your first winnings as this is just the beginning.

2) You don’t need any business ideas!

2The most widespread mistake of all ambitious people is that they want to start their own business from zero, from nothing. But to start something you should get some experience how to actually do it and how does the process of earning money work. Just look around and you will see lots of possibilities. Sell goods online, get hired as a website administrator, start a blog, bring the customers to business and get a reward for your work. Seek for every possible opportunity to make money and most importantly get the experience that will be necessary for your future business ideas.

3) Never say “No”!

3If you get asked whether you know someone who can do something, or sell anything, never say “No”! There always should be such an answer – “I will ask”. When there is a demand, all you have to do is find an offer. And this offer should be estimated lower than the demand, so the margin is yours.

4) Get useful networks!

4In all possible ways try to find useful networks. Those are the people who can become your partners in the future, make you an offer of a profitable project, or bring the customers to your business. Some of them will become your good friends, and some will just stay good acquaintances. Anyways, you should have contacts everywhere and in all possible areas so when there is anyone asking you for help, you could provide them with the contact people who can help with the solutions. In such a way, you will build up your good reputation, and you won’t stay without income being a reputable man.

5) Train yourself!

5Do you know what else can be useful to do in your spare time, except reading books? It is estimating the profitability of any business. For example, if you pass by a vegetable shop or a coffee shop, or anything else, try to calculate a difference between the wholesale and retail, personnel expenses, rent. Observe the location – whether it is a convenient one and whether there is anything you would change in advertising. Of course, the calculations are approximate, but still helpful for your future business practices.

6) Constantly learn from other people!

6In every business you are a first-timer. So don’t be shy to learn from more experienced people. Don’t be afraid to give more questions and don’t by shy to make mistakes. Learn the hard way through your own experience and experience of other people.

7) Search for answers on your own!

7If you question yourself about anything, first Google the information, and only if you don’t find the answer there, ask someone else. Sometimes you may ask banal questions, the answers for which are already everywhere on the Internet. Don’t be lazy, read blogs, web-sites, forums. In all possible ways search the required answers.

8) Read books!

8Books about making money are very motivational and later on they start providing you with business ideas. In books you can find answers to your questions, get to know something new and review already existing ideas.

9) Your lifestyle!

9Business or independent activity is your lifestyle. You should like it to live free and make money on your own. You should get kicks from what you do – from every new project, every up and down. You should enjoy doing what you do. Moreover, it’s not required to do what you hate or dislike doing.

You should choose the way you spend your working hours on your own. Someone likes working within a schedule from 9 to 6. Someone sets their own schedule sometimes working at night and sleeping till 1 p.m. It’s up to you to decide. Most importantly, look for the activity accordingly to your lifestyle, and not on the contrary.

10) Make mistakes!

10People say only fools learn from their own mistakes. Seems like the people who think like that won’t ever achieve anything. Learning from other people’s mistakes teaches you how you shouldn’t do. And learning from your own experience gives you the tips how to behave right. Because when you try and fail, you see the other way how you could behave in that particular situation. But when you rely on someone else’s experience, you see a failure only, and all the possible ways out are left behind the screen.

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