TOP 7 Gift Ideas For Those Who Have Everything

Probably everyone has a friend or an acquaintance who has it all. Whenever there is a new gadget or a fashion car accessory appearing, they may allow buying it at that moment. And when the time comes that you are invited to their birthday, you are worried because you literally don’t know what to buy. Instead of this, take a guess and get an idea of what are the things the person who has everything wouldn’t purchase on their own.

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#1 – Certificate or a gift-card

1If the reason for your friend’s wealth is their own hard-working than he/she must be very busy and probably has no time to think of their own rest. You could think for them. Buy a relaxation certificate for some spa-procedures or massage. Or get a gift-card to their favorite shop, pick up a day, and go together to purchase something you friend would adore. Show them your care and understanding, and make your gift a unique one.

#2 – Attention

2There are many things you cannot buy. And one of them is your attention. Cook, clean, babysit, garden, sew, drive, shop. If there is anything from this list you could do well and that is necessary for your friend to help with at the moment, you can offer your help. Trust me, there is no better present than a full normal sleep at night or a delicious dinner for a mother of a 1-year kid.

#3 – Experience

3Instead of buying material things, think of purchasing emotions. Emotions are the things that won’t break down or get old-fashioned – they will stay in your friend’s memory forever. A good example for such a present could be a cooking class, whitewater rafting, or a funny photo session you could organize together. The sky is the limit for your endless ideas. Just make it all fun!

#4 – Trivial luxury

4What could be better than a DVD disc with your friend’s favorite movie on it, a pack of beers and popcorn for your evening together? This everyday luxury is something most of the people have left in the past and forgotten about. Try to recall in your memory those times when you were just happy sitting with your friend in front of a TV and watching animated cartoons.

#5 – Birthday cake

5…and so it is not a banal present, you should make it a personalized one. Get to know what are your friend’s favorite cake ingredients and supplements like nuts, sesame, or marshmallow, choose proper servings like chocolate cover and write something special on the top of it, not just a “Happy Birthday” thing.

#6 – Knowledge

6What is the ?1 best source of knowledge? Right, it is a book. Any book, any kind and any genre. Just buy your friend a book that you find an inspirational, a motivational, just a worthy one to read. Give your friend a deadline till when he/she is supposed to read it over, and discuss the content together afterwards. Reading the same books together makes people closer to each other and leaves them some mutual feelings and memories to share.

#7 – Fluffy wonder

7What could be better for the person who has everything than to share it all with someone else? Surprise your friend and buy him a pet. Whether it is a kitty or a small puppy – it is able to bring more sense into man’s life. And so your friend will acquire someone he/she can take care of and devote some of their time.

Gifts ideas can be endless so you better come HERE and pick up something on your own!