5 Reasons To Laugh While Working

Laughter has appeared 5-7 million years ago. A human learns laughing even earlier than speaking. And once having learnt how to make jokes, we make them everywhere and with everyone – at home, with our friends, and with the colleagues at work. So why is it useful to joke at work and even with your boss?

Let’s find it out with Jiji.ng!

All successful managers who have acquired some experience and are more or less acknowledged with the processes of how the relationships among employees are being constructed know that a sense of humor is a very important aspect at work. But why?

Here are top 5 solid reasons that cannot be belied:

?1 – Health

1Laughter speeds up the blood flow, decreases blood pressure, improves the lungs function, strengthens immune system, and what? – burns the calories! It was calculated that to laugh 100 times is equal to training for 10 minutes on the stationary bike. And the employees who possess a sense of humor are less likely to get ill and get well faster.

?2 – Stress-Resistance

2Jokes among colleagues help get out of the stress condition quickly. Such employees are capable of flexible thinking and it’s easier for them to control their emotions. Complicated tasks, mischievous customers, short deadlines…if you want to handle all of this, abstract yourself from all of this and crack a couple of jokes with your colleagues.

?3 – Creativity & Art

3Both humor and creativity are closely connected to risk. And this risk is about creating new associations. Wouldn’t you be surprised that humor is actually a powerful catalyzer for creativity at the working place?

?4 – Relationships

4Sometimes one joke is enough to shorten the distance of mistrust between the manager and his employees. A healthy humor can defuse a conflict and helps the team members get closer. The collective acquires a desire to work together, cooperatively and for one mutual result.

?5 – Intellect

5If your colleague is very smart, manages to do everything in time, meets all deadlines, and along with this is extremely happy, than he has for sure got a perfect sense of humor. While laughing, we get an enormous doze of adrenaline into our brain – the hormone of happiness and brain activity.

6These 5 facts confirm that laughter prolongs our lives. So let’s make jokes not only at home, but also at work. The main thing – is not to overdo it as there is a thin line between humor and seriousness. So what? Let’s smile and get to work!

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