7 Ways To Get Rid Of Motion Sickness

The syndrome, motion sickness or kinetosis is caused by weak vestibular system. To in any situation to keep internal and external balance is the correct exercises!

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Some asanas of eastern heath-improving system aimed to develop a sense of balance. In addition, according to the observations of physicians, people suffering from kinetosis, are characterized by labile psyche and hyperexcitability. The practice of yoga rilieves tension and promotes the harmonization of the person.

2. Pilates
Suitable for those who like a leisurely, thoughtful movements. When you exercise it is important to focus on your breathing – throat, thoracic or diaphragmatic (depends on a complex). During the exercices the main thing – is to concentrate on our own actions and conscious work with a particular group of muscles. In terms of training vestibular apparatus Pilates improves the coordination of movements.

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3. Water aerobics
If you combine it with regular yoga classes, the positive effect will not be long in coming. However, water aerobics is good in itself. Due to the fact that the exercises are held in the water, their performance increases twofold, simultaneously removes water load on the spine, preventing possible injury. In addition to traditional exercises include the schedule akva thai (boxing) and akva yoga. Aerobics in water has a relaxation effect and stabilizes the nervous system.

4. TRX and Jukari fit to fly
Circus programs can get off the ground in the truest sense – the movements are performed in the air, on special hinges simulator. Both fitness directions uniformly act on the musculature, especially in the muscles stabilizers responsible for posture. Exercises improve flexibility and endurance.

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5. Bodyflex
Works so many that there is no time to breathe? Take a break for Bodyflex. The basis of this type of fitness – aerobic deep breathing, saturating the body with oxygen. By learning to do the right inhaling and exhaling, you will be able to control yourself, when suddenly feel dizzy or nauseous. However, isotonic and isometric exercises include work of different muscle groups and normalize overall health. Among the obvious advantages Bodyflex is that training is that  enough to pay only 15 minutes a day.

6. Cycling
A suitable way to work out at your pleasure and benefit of the case – a walk on the bike. One of the main tasks performed by the body during training Cycle-cross-country – a constant balance retention. This means that the vestibular apparatus in such moments receives proper load.

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7. Exercising on bosu
Bosu word comes from the English expression both sides – both sides are used. Training is carried out on the simulator, consisting of two hemispheres. The lesson begins with warm-up on the stable side of the platform and the basic lesson continues to be unstable. To keep the balance will have to make an effort. Exercising strengthens the muscle corset and develops respiratory system.

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