5 Tips To Put Your Working Place In Order

Look at your working place right at this moment! Does it look like you should put it in order a bit? Is there anything unnecessary that is better to be thrown away than be left on the table? Do you feel like you need a more comfortable place where to work? So come on, let’s take these five tips on board and create a pleasant working space.

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#1 – Trash bin

1Find an empty box or a big package and get ready to fill it in. To throw away – is the most difficult part, so get some courage for this! Just don’t forget to put all of the documents into a paper shredding machine. After you have thrown all unnecessary stuff, think what changes you can bring to your table.

#2 – Working place optimization

2Maybe there is no place where to put your outer garments or you need more space on your worktable? But you have already freed some space when throwing away the unnecessary stuff. If you need even more pace, think what else can be thrown away. Or think of the way how you can optimize your working place. Maybe you need some paper trays, organizers, stickers or some boxes for small stationary?

#3 – Time for the PC

3Your personal computer does also require some order. You should take some time and devote it to deleting all unnecessary material from the system that overloads your PC’s memory. Besides, take some 5 minutes to take a wet wipe and cleanse your best working friend – computer.

#4 – Pleasant little things

4Agree, that even the smallest things on your table can influence your mood, don’t they? If you have gotten too much of them, leave the most needed ones as a huge amount of them will distract you from working. But if you are okay with it, bring to your table something that will serve you as an inspiration. It could even be a simple flower pot.

#5 – Schedule the date of your next cleaning-up

5And put a reminder on your smart phone and your calendar in Outlook, so you don’t skip it. At the same time, prepare a to-do-list which you will be realizing the next time. Did you know that there are much more bacterias and microbes on your table than even in the toilet? So remember to keep your working place clean and tidy all the time. A clean working atmosphere is your clear mind.

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