3 Methods To Increase Your Sleep Effectiveness

Sleep is probably one of the most important thing influencing our everyday activity. If there is a lack of it or you have unhealthy sleep, it has its consequences on your general physical and mental state.

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To start with, everyone should remember about the adequate length of their sleep which is equal 7-8 hours a day for a healthy person who is in a normal condition. If you are tired because had a stressful day, then go to sleep 1 hour earlier than usual. For a sick person it’s better to sleep 10 hours, and after a serious physical or emotional overload it’s better to spend 12 hours sleeping.

Less sleeping hours are acceptable only when a person is in a perfect state of nervous system or when one takes additional energy stimulators. The stimulators are helpful when there are project deadlines at work or a small kid. But remember, that overindulging with energy drinks and food can also impact your sleep efficiency and lead to health problems afterwards.

Getting ready to sleep

Sleep is also quite fastidious and requires following some rules before actually going to bed:

1) Don’t eat minimum 3 hours before sleep. Don’t overload your organism with digestion and it will be easier and better for it to sleep.

12) Don’t drink alcohol, energy drinks, coffee, green tea. They are capable of making your sleep restless. An alternative – herbal tea, ginger drinks with lemon and honey. They don’t disturb your nervous system, improve digestion and calm you down.

3) Don’t do any intensive physical exercises. However, 30-40 minutes on the fresh air and a light stretching at home will relieve stress that has been accumulated during the day and refresh your head.

4) One hour before sleep turn all of the blue screens off – computer, smart phone, TV. Bright light that comes from the screen can impede producing of the hormone melatonin which is being produced during dark times of the day and which performs a role of a dormitive.

25) Spend this time in calmness. Read – a good book can put you away from all the issues that haven’t been solved for the day and it can become a good incentive to get to bed earlier. Take a shower – water is also capable of relieving stress.

6) Make a list of tasks for tomorrow putting the noise in your head onto paper. Sometimes something important comes to our heads when we are already under the blanket. That’s why keep your notebook for notices near your bed.

In the morning

Morning is the time for energy. And as we and our mood are the result of our actions, it’s important to spend our morning maximum productively.

31) Make it a habit to get up early. This is something that can help you change your life for the better. You will acquire that feeling like your day has become longer and like there is less noise in the city – this is especially important for those living in big cities. If during the whole year you get up 1 hour earlier, you can collect 15 extra days of conscious living.

2) Alarm clocks should be set for as long as it’s possible and with as irritating melody as you can possibly find.

3) Set up some morning rituals – write down your dreams after sleeping, your first thought after waken up, drink a glass of water, wash your face with cold water, turn on the music right after you get up, do morning exercises. These and other useful things that most of the successful people do in the morning are worth becoming your everyday habits as they can significantly influence the upcoming day.

The hygiene of your sleep

Don’t lose such important rules of your sleep as:

41) Go to bed and get up at the same time every day, so you can set your biorhythm.

2) Use your bed for sleep only. Eating and working with the computer may happen even in the bathroom, but not in your bed! Make it a rule to leave all your working issues behind the bedroom door.

3) Keep it chill and not bright in the room. It’s better to sleep under double-blanket than without fresh air.

4) Practice daytime sleep. Even if you work, 10 minutes sleep when the break time are useful for employers and employees. It can improve brain activity and productivity. In the serious corporations like Google and Apple it’s encouraged to sleep in the breaks.

5) But don’t sleep on weekends. People who sleep differently on Saturday and Thursday can get a chronical metabolic disturbance.

Healthy and efficient sleep is a consequence of the right habit that can be of a good service to you. Just be careful when including too many day-to-day activities sharply at the same time. Do it step by step.

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