Open It Like A Boss!

Knowing everything gives you a special power. We`ve already given you hundreds of tips that make your life easier or funnier. Today`s post is about how to open different stuff like a pro.

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Today we will talk about a champagne, wine, potato chips – learn how to do that in a best way and you will be the king of any party!

How to open champagne


If you wanna learn to open a bottle of champagne just like a sommelier, read carefully our tips and watch the video below. You will be surprised how easy that is.

An important notice: don`t shake the bottle before the service.

Champagne and cork exploding from bottle

And now an instruction:

  1. Remove the foil.
  2. Pop up the foil cage.
  3. Put the cloth on top of the cork
  4. Start turning the foil cage. It often requires 6 turns to remove.
  5. The cage shouldn`t be separated from the cork. This is also very important.
  6. Use a cloth to slowly twist the cork out of the bottle.
  7. Do it as gently as you can.
  8. If you did everything right, it will open without a loud sound.

How to Open Champagne Like a Sommelier

In this video I’ll show you how to open a bottle of sparkling wine like a Sommelier. There are bunch of videos on the web showing you the WRONG way

How to open wine


One of the ways to open wine is to open it using a torch.

  1. Turn on the torch and light it.
  2. Warm the bottle under the cork. It might take a minute.
  3. The cork will pop out. Your bottle is opened.

The second method is quite popular. You will need a glove and a shoe.

  1. Grab the bottle and stick it inside of a shoe.
  2. Start stamping it on the wall.
  3. Don`t stamp it too hard, cause you don`t wanna break the bottle.
  4. Keep doing that until you`ll be able to open the cork with your hand.


The third method is opening it using a key.

  1. Stick the key sideways. Approximately, 45 degree.
  2. Keep pushing it all the way to the end.
  3. Then twist it and go up, make circular motions.
  4. And the bottle is opened. How simple is that?

3 Best Ways to Open Bottle of Wine Like a Boss!

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How to open chips


We`ve got something special for you. This is a great way to open chips, and it is especially useful if you want to share your chips with everyone.


Just make a hole in the center of the pack using your scissors or teeth, and then make a bigger hole.


You can see it in the video below.

How to open a Chips Bag Like a Boss!!

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