6 Signs Of An Ideal Property

Many people dedicate a large part of their lives to looking for their perfect home. We study a lot of literature, hire professional real estate agents, and plan our budgets to make the best possible purchase. It’s a widely known fact that finding the ideal piece of property can be quite a challenge, so to make it an easier process for you and your family we’ve put together a list of qualities that your property should ideally have.

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Whenever you come across an attractive real estate offer, consult this guide and determine whether that property is worthy of your attention and money.

1. Affordability

Since a house or apartment is one of the most expensive items we have to ever buy in our lives, it makes sense to look for the best offer from the financial point of view. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you need to go and search for the cheapest housing available on the market – it may turn out to be a very low quality piece of property or even a scam. However, if money is tight, then affordable real estate is the direction you need to take in your search.


You should not only take into account the price of the property, but also maintenance and repair cost, as well as whether you will be able to sell it in a few years at a good price.

2. Accessibility

Property located on a distant land is not a favourable choice for a lot of reasons. First, distant housings tend to be less secure. Second, they usually don’t provide a lot of accommodations for people with special needs. Third, they may be simply too hard to get to if you don’t have a car – if public transportation in the area is not well developed, travelling to work and back home may take you a few hours and be a rather unsafe adventure. It’s best to avoid distant and secluded residential areas altogether.


3. Architectural design

Living in an architecturally perfect piece of real estate that respects the cultural heritage of the neighbourhood is not just aesthetically pleasing – it also helps your property get a better resale value. If the apartment complex or residential area is located in is a complete architectural unit with its unique style and lots of visual appeal, it will be much easier to sell this property years later when you’re ready to move on.


However, if the house is located in the middle of a completely different architectural unit and sticks out like a sore thumb, your living there won’t be as pleasing as it would normally be.

4. Durability

Property is something you expect to last you for at least several decades, so when your new house or apartment starts having cracks, holes, mold, and other imperfections, it always comes as a nasty surprise. In order for you to get maximum enjoyment from the property, do a little research and make sure that the latest technologies and advanced building materials were employed in the construction.


Normally an apartment complex or detached house should last you for at least 60 years, which is why if you’re looking at 20-year old property with visible defects already, buying that property is not recommended.

5. Safety and security

In order for the residential area to be considered safe it needs to have a lot of qualities, but most importantly – the vehicle circulation should be designed in a way that doesn’t endanger neither pedestrians nor other drivers, meaning the stop lights and road signs should be visible, the roads should be illuminated at nights, speeding bumps near schools should be installed.


As for security, we all know what that means – the less are your chances of being mugged or harassed in the street due to poor security, the better. Ideally, an apartment or house complex should have 24/7 protection with surveillance cameras and professional security.

6. Developed infrastructure

Usually we move to other houses or apartment in a hope to build a better life for our families, which is why the infrastructure of your future property matters a lot. You don’t want to live an hour away from the nearest hospital, or make your children take a two-hour long trip just to get to school.


When you’re almost ready to commit to new property, research the area and find out if it has everything you find important, including schools, hospitals, kindergartens, shopping malls, business centres, and so on. Wasting your life on commuting is not a good idea, which is why you need to choose wisely.

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