7 Methods To Switch To A Positive Life Approach

Haven’t you ever caught yourself on a thought that you are thinking too negatively and there is actually no problem and no reason to be worried? You know what? – Life’s too short. And if you want “to fill the unforgiving minute with 60 seconds worth of distance run”, read these 7 tips of how to switch to a positive life approach.

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#1 – Take problems as challenges

1As Winston Churchill said, “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” So who would you prefer to become – a pessimist who is always unsatisfied with his life and who is permanently looking for misfortune therefore making his own life more difficult. Or would you like to become an optimist, an opportunist who takes every problem as a new challenge and learns how to deal with it easily the next time? I bet, you choose to be a successful person, so start changing your life inside your own head.

#2 – Accept the positive side

2There has been always yin and yang, black and white in everything that surrounds us. And so both of them are present in every problem that might stand on our way. And when the moment comes, it’s up to us from what perspective we choose to look at it.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

So whenever there is something negative happening to you, search for anything positive you can take out of this situation. Whether it is a new experience, or a chance to self-improve, to find out who is who, etc. There is always a reason for every single event of our life. Take each one as granted and move forward.

#3 – Ask your body language for help

3Whenever there is something negative happening to you, take it with a smile. Seriously, try to act like you’ve just heard good news. Use your own body to program your feelings and your attitude. Talk an optimistic talk, move the positive movements, make your brain think differently, and you’ll see the results yourself.

#4 – Minimize external negative influence

4No one cannot, but agree that there are certain kinds of music, certain types of books that can make our mood. Try to be more attentive when choosing what music to listen to and what books to read. Choose music with positive notes or the one that can calm you down. It can be something classical or jazzy. When picking up a book, make sure you are not going to read anything about violence and discrimination. Yes, the world is full of it and many people need help solving issues of such kind. But still it’s for your own good that you restrain yourself from all this negativity around.

#5 – Filter your surrounding

5In all possible ways try to avoid people with a negative approach to life. They are capable to influence your attitude greatly and so can damage your view of the world. Search for the positive surrounding that is capable to cheer you up and give you a motivation for new accomplishments. Negative people can only soak your energy and bring you into a trap of negative thinking.

#6 – Write it down

6Try to find one most positive occurrence that happen to you every day. Just take a piece of paper, a pen, draw a chart consisting of 7 tables for each day of the week and write in each one 1 best thing that happened to you this day. This will make you think about all the positive things that happened to you this day and this will help you understand your life is indeed full of positive moments.

#7 – Meditate & do some yoga

7It is amazing, but devoting just 2 minutes a day for meditation can actually bring you into a more positive life approach. While meditating, you are trying to push out of yourself all the distracting thoughts and clear your mind. Consequently, you feel more rested and less weighty with thoughts. As to practicing some yoga, some physical concentration has always been a good tool to achieve mindfulness. Any kind of physical activities can help you understand the meaning of positive thinking when you should do one more set of exercises and only the power of will and “I can do it’ can actually help your muscles work.

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