7 Money-Free Present Ideas

It’s your friend’s, sweetheart’s, or just a close person’s birthday soon, but you’ve got almost no money to buy a good present? Then it’s just the time to think what you can do using your ideas and your hands.

Go on Jiji.ng to find some ideas for your perfect present!

1) Candy present with predictions

T1he idea is to buy many different candies of different kind – chocolate, caramel, nougat – and wrap them up with funny and interesting predictions written on colorful pieces of paper, and only after that cover them with the sweetie paper. The box you will put your candies in should also be a colorful one so make sure you choose a cheerful covering and stick many ribbons and bows to it.

2) Addition to the collection

2Think, maybe your birthday boy/girl is fond of collecting something. It can be anything – from greeting cards, books, stamps, and to flower pots. Look around your home and you will surely find something he/she noticed and liked, and maybe said once “Wow, I would like to have the same one!” And this special thing can become your special birthday present.

3) A self-drawn picture

3Even though you might not be an artist and might not possess any special painter skills, but who does? Honestly. There are so many modern men of art, whose works are often too much complicated to understand. So you could become one of them. All you will need is a canvas and paints, and a little bit of imagination and a joyful mood.

4) Photo collage

4Surely, you have many mutual photos. You probably studied together or went on vacation. And there must be countless memories depicted on your smart phone or a photo camera. Just choose several most remarkable ones and make a photo collage. Later on you may place it in the frame and present as your birthday gift.

5) Intimacy

5A bottle of good wine, a pack of chocolate candies and a pleasant view of a sunset. What can be a better surprise than intimate moments filled with romance? And to make your present even more special, grab a warm blanket – it might get cold in the evening and your mutual wrapping and hugging will make your hearts beat in unison.

6) With a sense of humor

6Create your own hand-made certificate and make sure it’s a funny one! Grab a bunch of colorful pencils and draw a 1-week certificate for dishwashing, dinner cooking, massage. Of course, that you will be the one to execute the things written in the certificate. So be careful when choosing what you will be doing.

7) Electronic devices are on your service

7With the invention of electronic devices and special video making programs it has become possible for everyone to try oneself as a filmmaker. Shooting a video, creating your own music, recording a song, putting photos together with a musical background – the range of options is endless. Everything you need is a bit of your time and imagination.

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