7 Reasons Why You Won’t Ever Do Anything Cool

If you want to achieve something really great in this life, if you want to become a creator of something truly awesome, you must experience some of unpleasant things first. And if you don’t learn to stand up and take them as a positive experience, get yourself prepared to pass away as nobody.

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#1 – You have lost too few times

1You feel comfortable with your indifference, and you don’t even want to try. You prefer talking that it would be good to start learning a new foreign language instead of learning it actually. You are better to do all the complicated work tomorrow and today you are just quietly sitting in the back corner. You hate your work, but you are not ready to search a new one.

When you lose, you learn and you change your path the way it leads you always forward. It’s like a metal endurance – it passes through fire and assumes a shape. A shape of a sword that will tear you apart unless you put much efforts to not let it happen.

#2 – You are bothered with the opinion of your surrounding

2And you are conforming to it because you are afraid of how the world will see you. You think so because you judge other people, and you expect judgments in return. You are more bothered with the trash you have than the good actions you have done.

Instead of spending money for new clothing, cars, and expensive food, you better get interested in yourself. Put all of your doubts away and show this world the real you. Build up a tolerance to other people’s opinion and free your own mind.

#3 – You think you are smarter than you are indeed

3In fact, you did all the same things as the rest of the people. You studied the same subjects and you read the same books. But the knowledge is not in what you learn, but in that how you live.

Don’t try to prepare hard to pass the tests. Learn to deal with the tasks life puts in front of you. And those tasks cannot be estimated in grades and marks. The only estimation is survival.

#4 – You don’t read

4You  read only what you should or you don’t read at all. You consider history a boring subject and philosophy – a stupid one. You refuse to accept that all the power of this world is hidden in the words of those who lived before us.

Anything that is necessary you may find in a huge amount of books that have become accessible nowadays with the appearance of Internet and electronic devices. Well, what am I talking about? You probably are not even reading this article, as those who are, already know all these things.

#5 – You are not curious

5Because you learn all the news from the government-controlled mass media. And you don’t even bother to ask yourself “What if it’s all is a lie?” and understand that fact that the primary duty of mass media is to distract you from the most important.

Instead of playing Angry Birds, read the string theory and quantum mechanics. Because when looking at your own arguments you should take different points of view and search for their fragility. So you can understand how other people can contradict you.

#6 – You don’t ask questions

6You don’t doubt the authorities and you don’t ask yourself. You don’t understand the meaning of the right questions, a respectful disagreement and an opportunity to defend your opinion to those who don’t agree with you. You don’t question yourself about the reality – too busy with surviving in this monotony.

Learn to structure your questions to this world and don’t be afraid to say them aloud.

#7 – You are mad with the truth

7Accept that fact that indeed you don’t know anything. And you might be already mad with this article as the time you’ve spent to read it cannot be reimbursed. You live with your nose up not wondering what is going on around. You are being in a fool’s paradise of reality that is so near you that if you put your tongue out, you can literally feel how delicious is the taste of the truth.

One day you will understand that the only thing restricting you from creating something really cool is you yourself.

JiJi.ng has no doubt you are capable of creating amazing things!

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