8 Funny Interview Mistakes

There are numerous advices and tips made up and written by other people telling you how you should behave at the interview. But nevertheless, most of the job seekers keep making the same mistakes. And sometimes these mistakes are absurd and funny.

Keep in mind your mistakes and avoid them in all possible ways with JiJi.ng

1) Anything, but not working

1“Why do you want to work here?” – “Because it’s easy to work here!” This is a truly incredible way to impress an interviewer. Some candidates really tell their potential employers their work is appealing to them mostly because of its simplicity. They also say that their skills are enough only for this definite kind of job and that it was hard to work at the previous workplace.

2) You all are strange

2It is a way easier to blame someone else than accept your own fault. You shouldn’t blame the collective of your previous workplace. Your potential employer will more likely think that the problem is actually you. And of course that he/she will not want the situation to repeat at their company.

3) Provoking self-expression

3Some women are not shy to come to an interview in a short skirt, with an uncovered back, or display their décolleté. But such actions will not provide with an expected effect, but the contrary one.

Some of men come to interview in sport trousers, crumpled shirt, and dirty shoes, even though the dress code is a business classy one in the company they try to get a job in. Your professionalism and individualism doesn’t play a positive role in all places.

4) None of your business

4Sometimes it’s difficult to get any kind of information out of the candidate. But answering like “I don’t want to talk about it”, or “Why do you want to know this?” is not required either.

5) With no complexes

5There are people are of different temperaments. If you are a very active one, try to keep yourself in your hands at the interview. You better not demonstrate your vocal abilities, talk without a stop, spin on the table, and permanently laugh. It all can happen to anyone of us.

6) Busy, busy

6To put everything aside for that half an hour of an interview is a normal thing. But some people do not consider it okay. And so they answer all phone calls and even try to message back.

7) Salary from 1 to 10 thousand

7Any HR recruiter will keep their ears open if they see unclear salary expectations. A professional knows for sure how much does his service costs on the labor market.

8) Time for a joke

8The sense of humor is good. But you shouldn’t make jokes without a stop or give funny answers to the application questions. A bit of humor won’t be out of place during the conversation, but you shouldn’t cross the line. Don’t think it can somehow savor the impression about you.

Undoubtedly, that we all are humans and there are so many awkward and funny things we can say when being stressed out. That’s why our best advice for you is – drink a cup of good tea with chamomile or melissa and …

Go earning the JOB you desire!

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