8 Reasons To Try Co-Washing

Co-washing is one of the newest trends in the world of beauty. Thousands of women all over the globe are already enjoying the benefits of co-washing instead of traditional shampoo use. If you’ve never heard about co-washing, you need to know that it’s a technique of keeping your hair clean by using conditioner instead of shampoo. Not every type of hair is suitable for co-washing, but if you have thick, curly hair and don’t want to dry it out with too much shampoo, then try co-washing and feel these benefits!

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1. Get rid of knots and tangles

Knotting and tangling hair is a very frequent problem for women with wavy and unruly hair. Detangling the knots becomes a chore, and the more you wash your hair, the worse your tangling problem can get. By moisturizing your hair from roots to ends, conditioner will leave your hair smooth and silky, eliminating the problem of knots and tangles for good. You’ll never go back to using shampoo after this!


2. Styling is easier

If you don’t always wear your hair in a natural way, but love to experiment with shapes and styles, you’ll be happy to learn that straightening your hair or giving yourself a fantastic blowout is much easier when your hair is freshly conditioned. You’ll find that you don’t even need any hairstyling products – your hair will flawlessly hold any hairstyle you invent, so you just have to style it once and enjoy it throughout the day.


3. Your hair grows faster

A lot of women who got a short haircut and started co-washing instead of shampooing noticed that using conditioner helps the hair grow faster, so if you’ve recently cut your hair and are anxiously waiting for it to grow back, now may be the perfect time to switch to co-washing and leave your shampoo days behind.


4. The hair feels super soft

If your hair is naturally thick and strong, chances are it’s also rather rough or even coarse. If you want your mane to feel silky and soft like never before, then try co-washing and you’ll feel the difference almost instantly. You’ll want to stroke your own hair, and others will wonder what made your hair so heavenly soft. If you want, you can keep your co-washing habit a secret, but if you want other women to experience the same benefits, go and share the news!


5. Moisturize your hair

The problem a lot of curly and thick-hair women face is the dryness of their hair, which is often caused by shampooing too often. By taking out the moisture, your shampoo leaves your hair dull, and the curls are barely noticeable. Give your lovely curls a new life by switching to co-washing and watch your hair being moisturized and nourished, which will, in turn, make your curls look better than they ever did before.


6. Eliminate dandruff

If you suffer from a flaky scalp, you know how annoying it is to find little white flakes between your hairs, or on your shoulders, which is even worse. Most cases of dandruff care caused by dry scalp, which, in turn, is cause by shampooing your hair too often or using the wrong kind of shampoo. Using conditioner usually eliminates the dandruff problem by moisturizing not just the hair, but also the scalp, leaving your skin healthy and causing the dandruff to go away for good.


7. No more breakage

A lot of women complain about losing their hair due to excessive styling, stress, or other reasons. No matter how many moisturizing and nourishing hair products women buy, breakage is still a very serious problem that can put your luscious mane at risk. However, with co-washing the breakage problem is known to disappear surprisingly fast. Forget about lots of broken hair in your bathroom, hair brush, or lying around your home – with co-washing the hair will stay on your head thanks to the increased level of moisture in your scalp.


8. Save time

If you wash your hair with shampoo every couple of days, you know how much time the rinsing, shampooing, re-rinsing, conditioning, and blow drying your hair takes. This is why co-washing is the favourite hair care technique for busy women. Co-washing can not only keep your hair clean and soft longer, but it can also help you save time – with shampooing you had to do all these procedures almost every day, but usually you don’t need to co-wash your hair more than a couple times a week, which is clearly a great time-saver.


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