8 Thoughts That Restrain You From Finding Your True Vocation

Is it hard for you to find your vocation, your true calling, the way you would like to spend the rest of your life? In most of the cases the restrictions are inside us and they are the thoughts we ourselves have decided to believe in.

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#1 – “I don’t know where to start”

1But it doesn’t impede you from starting actually. If you feel an inspiration and motivation to do something, you can always make the first step. The only thing holding you back is your own assurance in something.

You may be searching for excuses to not do something for a long time. You will be afraid and this fear will not disappear, it will always stay near. Just be concentrated on that simple fact that you want to start and put all the negative thoughts away.

#2 – “I have too many interests”

2Most of the people have several hobbies, masses of ideas and interests. The problem lies in the thought that you should choose the only right and best one. Your task – is not to predict the future and guarantee that everything will be alright. Your task is to test the idea which is the most appealing to you and look what an outcome will be. Look at yourself as at an experimentalist.

#3 – “I am not good enough for this”

2Thinking this way you are trying to make yourself sure. But a thought is not a fact. If you think you are not ready yet, it’s not an objective estimation, it is just your own perception. The same thing regards the thought that you’ve got nothing to offer to this world. This is not important – important is what attracts you. If you are attracted to write – than write! If you like drawing – then draw! You are not a world-class specialist, but this might become a reason to start. How will you learn if you don’t start?

#4 – “What will people think?”

4If you are bothered of what will other people think, it means you believe that your perception and the way you lead life should be targeted to make other people happy. But the more you follow your heart’s calling, the more you are sure in yourself, the more will people respect what you do. Eventually, making people happy – is not your responsibility. Our happiness is being defined not by the circumstances, but by our own thoughts. And it doesn’t mean that they should be strictly controlled. Just treat them not so seriously.

#5 – “What if I choose wrong?”

5Made a wrong choice? So what? Maybe this is what must happen to you on the road there where you should end up. Start noticing how many false orientations there are. And it is normal. We want to control the whole process, though, in fact there is almost nothing under our control. There is no need to control your thoughts – just watch how your perception about this world is changing.

#6 – “What if all of this is for nothing?”

6What if you uselessly spend your time following your passion? It’s impossible! As eventually you want to be happy, do you? And when you do what you like and you follow your intuition, you feel joy, serenity, and calmness. Could it ever be a waste of time? You spend your time uselessly only when you keep thinking you are spending your time for nothing. When believing in that you restrain yourself from exploring the world as it is.

#7 – “It should be easy to find a vocation”

7It is easy to believe that we should be guaranteed a life without problems. But it doesn’t always happen like this. It can be hotter, colder, darker, and brighter in life. Most important thing is that you are changing all the time. That’s why there will be difficulties sometimes. And your life will be complicated, even painful. And it will be complicated even more if you try to understand and control everything in advance. But it will be easier if you stand in the middle of your own path and let your inner wisdom lead you. You shouldn’t know what your calling is in order to follow your intuition, your interests, and your wisdom.

#8 – “I don’t have time”

8A vocation search doesn’t require you to resign from work, leave your family, or do other radical things. This is just another idea of yours of “how everything is supposed to be”. In fact, even if you have only 5 free minutes a day, you can spend them to find your true passion. The time doesn’t matter here.

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