9 Tips For Organizing Your Kitchen

Having a neat and beautifully organized kitchen is one of the signs of being a successful adult and a responsible host. Unfortunately, with our super busy lives, keeping the kitchen in a perfect state is often easier said than done, especially if you cook meals several times a day and use dozens of different items and tools in your cooking. But organizing and cleaning your kitchen should be a chore – with these 10 tips you’ll get a clean and neat kitchen in no time!

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1. Get a vertical organizer

People have different ways of storing groceries, which often make it impossible to find the right item when you need it the most. However, you can make the space between the fridge and the wall super useful by buying or building a vertical organizer, which will be a perfect solution for storing anything that doesn’t need to go into the fridge. You’ll never lose anything important again!


2. Label frozen foods

Most people that buy frozen foods in bulk, divide them into smaller pieces and store them in the freezer. But when your freezer is full of unnamed packages, finding the needed one can be quite a challenge. This is why you should make it a rule to put labels on every package, so that nothing essential gets lost again, and you could always be able to find the necessary foods.


3. Perfect solution for pots and pans

Normally clunky pots and pans occupy a lot of valuable space in the kitchen: they are too big to be stored in the oven or on the kitchen counter, so they usually end up scattered around the kitchen, creating a mess. Instead you can use a towel holder mounted on the side of the cabinet: that way pots and pans will be neatly stored together while keeping the kitchen organized and clean.


4. Add shelves everywhere

Give your kitchen a long look and see if there is any unoccupied space on the walls – for example, by the fridge or above the counter. All this free space can be used for mounting extra shelves that are your best assistant when it comes to storing small items in groups. Spices, sauces, small grocery items – there is nothing an ordinary kitchen shelf can’t do!


5. Use wall hooks more

It’s often hard to find the right storage space for your irregularly-shaped kitchen tools, like mixing utensils or unusual containers. What you need in these situations is basic metal hooks you can place inside your kitchen cabinet or pantry. The odd-shaped utensils will fit there perfectly and will never annoy you by being out of place.

6. Hide big appliances

Like a modern homeowner you probably have a couple of kitchen devices like blenders, toasters, juicers, etc. Unfortunately, these devices occupy a lot of space even when they’re neatly stored in one place, making your kitchen look disorganized or even messy. The solution is to dedicate the largest section of your kitchen cabinet to these utensils, so that they could always be at hand, but out of sight.


7. Use your door

The inside of your kitchen door can be the perfect place to store items that can be hanged vertically. Use a couple of storage racks or hooks mounted into the door and find the solution for storing the items you had no idea how to store before, like lots of spice containers, pots and pans, or anything that can’t find another storage place in your kitchen.


8. Use clear containers

Labelling food is a genius idea that will always give you the opportunity to effortlessly find the necessary item even in the most cluttered freezer or fridge. But if you’ve forgotten to label foods from your last grocery shopping, or if you simply don’t feel like labelling, your solution is a set of clear containers, which let you easily see what’s inside them without even taking off the lid.


9. Store measuring tools together

When your measuring tools are stored everywhere around the kitchen, finding the right one can take quite some time. The good idea here is to store them all in one place – for example, on the inside door of your kitchen cabinet. Use some hooks, mount them onto the door, and never lose any tool again.


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