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Best Сars for My Babe!

Well, what do we have here? You already earn that much that it would be sinful to buy your girlfriend another smartphone or tablet for her birthday, but you’re still not old enough to purchase a chic house for a new family?

Give her a new car!

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In this post we have chosen for you some cool cars with worthy features and attractive design that are the favorites of women worldwide. And the largest portal and a reliable friend of all kind fine fellows – Jiji.ng will help you make a reasonable purchase!

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Daewoo Matiz

Daewoo Matiz 1

When you see this “big-eyed” vehicle on the road, you can`t help smiling.

Daewoo Matiz 4

Even though this car has small dimensions (which is a big plus to petite women), it has plenty of place inside (four adults feel themselves very comfortable here)! It is perfect for shopping trips, and outings for picnics.

Daewoo Matiz 2

For maximum security, the roof of the Daewoo Matiz is strengthened, as well as the doors. The fuel tank in a car made of plastic, if the car flips, then gasoline will not light up. The car has quite powerful for such dimensions braking system, ABS and two airbags. The cabin is unpretentious, but tastefully executed.

Daewoo Matiz 3

Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris 1

Toyota Yaris means “playfulness and joy”.

Toyota Yaris 3

And indeed, this compact car is famous for its speed and maneuverability. 87 HP – this is a power of this tiny car. And small dimensions allow the YARIS to turn and park virtually anywhere.

Toyota Yaris 4

Perfect for working women. Moreover, this car (last generation) has built-in Wi-Fi, enabling you, ladies, stay on-line wherever you are!

This elegant subcompact has five doors. Starting with the basic set, YARIS has seven airbags, door protective bars, ABS, as well as air conditioning.

This subcompact has another feature – TOYOTA YARIS have multimedia transmission that involves mechanical and automatic transmission, as well as the sports driving mode!

2015 Toyota Yaris

Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta 1

We can say with confidence that Ford Fiesta is one of the most reliable cars. So you want to buy it for your tender girlfriend. So you want to buy it if you have kids.

Ford Fiesta 4

Another survivor, which has been produced almost 40 years by now. It is of highest quality and has a perfect appearance. The owners of this car can be both women and men. It is universal in this regard.

Ford Fiesta 3

It is produced in more than 10 countries around the world. Manufacturers set on their offspring various options for engines and transmissions. Everyone will be able to select the best possible option.

Ford Fiesta 2

Nissan Micra

NISSAN CANADA INC. - 2015 Nissan Micra debuts at 2014 Auto Show

The girl behind the wheel of a Nissan Micra will be undoubtedly noticed!

The model’s appearance attracts the attention immediately – the car is really beautiful. The engine power of 80-88 HP allows MICRA baby to feel confident on the road. It doesn`t consume much fuel: 5.5 liters per 100 km. The cabin may seem awkward at first glance, but when you sit down behind the wheel – you will see that everything is perfectly thought out.

Nissan Micra 4

By the way, it is a great pleasure to park the Micra – due to the small size and very small turning radius.

2015 Nissan Micra

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

German handsome of unsurpassed quality Mercedes-Benz A-Class is located on the 3-rd line. It is perfectly suited for ladies of all ages.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2

Compact on the outside, it is really huge inside. Has a very reliable chain engine. Provides very little consumption of diesel fuel in the city and on the highway. Good and comfortable landing. Great torque.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class 3

Mercedes-Benz A-Class 1

Its harsh temper accentuates the attractive appearance. This is the only way it could be, cause it’s the Mercedes!

Mercedes-Benz A-Class 4

Buy cars on Jiji – the widest assortment, detailed descriptions of cars` models with photos, only real sellers and safe deals!



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