Cool Dog Who Knows The Life

Welcome new Instagram star! Grumpy cat is the past. Grumpy dog rules! Little Giz hide some secret. His eyes are full of knowing something he doesn’t want to share. Oh, and he is fashionable cute!

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Dat sass doe

Dat sass doe

I’m not addicted to coffee, coffee is addicted to me

So tired from Monday at the office, fell asleep in a lyft

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Where are my friends, where’s my phone, whose place is this

work work work work bye work

The Giz Everyday I’m brusseling

Celebrating love yourself and do the things you love day

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False advertising

Hard out here for a G

Head office doggie

How to wear a scarf

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Inspiration hour

Juice to forget

Love yourself and crush life

Have fun with Jiji!

We popping bottles or what