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Funny & Meaningless Inventions

Scientists not always invent something for the benefit of a mankind. Sometimes they are just goofing around. At least that`s what we thought when we saw these weird inventions!



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A brush for belly button

No one will deny that the brush is a useful thing in everyday life. Apparently this was the belief of those who created this small but distinctive brush: its purpose is cleaning the belly button!

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Perhaps super clean lovers and hyper esthetes will like such a thing, but the rest of the people will just smile when they see it.


A jacket with air conditioner

When it`s cold we usually wear a jacket. Here everything is vice versa – when it’s hot outside, the man puts on a jacket and turns on an air conditioning for cooling!

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A tent hidden in the shoes

Is there something less practical than a tent hidden at the outer part of the shoes by Sibling.


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A snowball machine

A hybrid of construction mites and spoon for ice cream in plastic. Manufacturers insist that the snowballs are created very quickly. And the quality of white lumps is so high that they easily overcome a distance 1.5 times greater than if created manually.


We wonder what they will come up with next? Automated snowmen constructor?

«B Tourist»

If you want to be alone with your thoughts, and you are not concerned about the fact that the invention looks like a slingshot for your head, then this is exactly for you.

B tourist 1

B tourist 2

A table for self-defense

A bat and a wooden shield in a flick turn into … a table!

Apparently, this piece of furniture is designed to give an advantage to the household representatives in case of a Zombie Apocalypse. According to the concept a person will wake up from a strange noise, immediately grab the leg of a table, i.e. the bat, and defense himself using the top of the table, i.e. the shield.


But apparently the creators had no clue that normal people in shock state are less prone to dynamic action.

Organizer for a back seat

You always want all the necessary things were on hand. Of course, you can keep them in a backpack or a bag that you can take with you.


But perhaps there are people who want exactly this kind of organizer, which is similar to a backpack, turned inside out and attached to the seat.

A t-shirt for scratching a back

A true friend is the one who propose you to scratch your back. However, this is a kind of a tragedy that he is not able to correctly identify the place. A special map on a t-shirt will help him to accurately aim at the target.


An office pillow

This office pillow designed for comfortable immersion into the dream and warming your face, neck and ears, if the workplace has problems with heating.

??????? 1

But there is a possibility that you won`t notice your boss coming!

A case for banana

Such a case is great for those who is worrying that their banana may smash in a package or bag.

????? ??? ??????

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And yet, if you have a smashed banana in your backpack, and you don’t feel like eating it, it is better to buy a new banana than spend almost 16 dollars on a special protection for this fruit.

A huge corkscrew for wine

English inventor Rob Higgs is the developer of the world’s largest corkscrew designed to open and pour the wine. This “something” done in steampunk-style. It consists of 300 parts, has a weight of 350 kg and costs more than 120 thousand dollars!


Because the corkscrew takes a lot of space, is difficult to manage, and costs more than a car or even a house, it is unlikely that a reasonable man would want to buy it.

A toothbrush on a finger

Maximum sensitivity during oral hygiene. This toothbrush might come in handy on a camping trip or journey.


Protectors for intimate areas

These so-called “Flying Pasties” are a kind of silicone protectors that protect the intimate areas from scanners. You only need to put these pieces of silicone to the right places, and the security at the airport will not be able to look at your “charms” using a scanner.


Perhaps the only inconvenience is that not everyone will want to have such an object in intimate area.

Giant Swiss knife

This “portable” knife won`t be convenient in a journey. Also, there is a funny commercial where the size of a knife is compared to a boot.

??????????? ???


But in the case of the Apocalypse, you might need this invention with 87 different tools that costs 1 400 dollars.

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