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5 minutes of laughing make our life longer – and for somebody they can even substitute a meal. This is especially true for those who are trying to lose their weight.


Of course, it doesn`t mean that you should laugh on everything you see!! But it is extremely useful to treat the process of weight loss, diets, fitness training and sports with some kind of irony. And then all tests are becoming much easier!

Smiling young sports woman stretching exercise outdoors

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After a meal you should be half-hungry, not half-dead!


If you are afraid of getting fat, drink 50 grams of whiskey before a meal, it will carry away all the fears.


Massage is the best way to lose weight… for a masseur.


If two chairs are not enough – help yourself, take the third one!

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Dietary advice: never start eating when you’re hungry.

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If you want to look young and slim, stay closer to the old and fat ones.

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All diets begin the same day… tomorrow.

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If your reflection does not fit in the width of the mirror, just hang it across.


When it comes to excessive weight, it`s all about your head, and the head is not a part of digestive system.


Fresh cheese will be stored much longer if you won`t demolish it on the first day.


-Johnny, you don’t even imagine how hard it is to eat beets instead of a chocolate!

-Molly, but I know how hard it is to drink tea instead of whisky.

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Veggie soup will be much more nutritious if you put a slice of a beef in it.


If you are not supposed to eat at night, why is there a light in a fridge?

Man is surprised while looks into the refrigerator for a midnight snack

I’m on a diet. Today hid all the candy from myself. This morning I found and ate them… It`s not easy to deceive me.

I joined a health club last year, spending $ 400. Haven`t lost a single kilogram. Apparently, I should attend it someday.

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  • Make photo of your body on a smartphone;
  • Insanely eat during 6 month;
  • Make another photo;
  • Reverse the order of the photos;
  • Publish;
  • Collect likes;
  • Make advices!

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I’m fed up with all this long-distance love! Dear fridge, move into my room!

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An adult needs only 26 liters of beer to cover a daily requirement of calcium. Healthy living is easy and enjoyable!


If your grandmother says that you look fine, you need to immediately lose weight.


I should do the exercises early in the morning before my brain would understand what is going on.


– I have nothing to lose!

– Well, maybe a couple of kilos.

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Damn diet! I stood in a bus next to a man, who smelled of fried potatoes. I broke down and bit him!


Don’t listen to them, girl. You are the most beautiful. In your category of weight.


If nobody sees that you eat something – this “something” contains no calories.

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At the 4-week of my vegan diet my head cleared up and began working much better.  I started to realize that it was a right time to stop that shit!


When you eat together with someone, your calories do not count if you eat less than this “someone”.

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The girl who decided not to eat after 6 p.m., drank a steak.


– I`m on a diet, have lost 2 kg, my head stopped doing its job. I guess it was a brain that I`ve lost!

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Half of a cookie does not contain calories, because they disappear when you crash it.


Due to the fact that tomorrow I will start my new diet, every day I eat like it`s my last time.

Everything that is licked from a knife or a spoon while cooking or serving food, does not contain calories, because it is not a food, but a part of the production process.


My girlfriend after a week on a diet has lost … all her patience and dropped weighing machine from the fifth floor.


Products of the same color have the same caloric content and are interchangeable. For example: leek and white chocolate, cabbage and pistachio cream.


True willpower is to go for a milk in the fridge after 6 p.m. and take … only milk!


Taking a Chinese drug “Yu-Shu” I lost 20 kilos in a week. If someone can still see me, please make a finishing blow…


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I love to always be in the epicenter of the events, and then tell the world about it in the most diverse forms.I believe that many rules are created in order to break them in an attempt to create something new.Many of us sometimes need to stop for a moment, perhaps lose something in order to rethink our existence and understand in which direction we need to move.In addition to blogging, I am fond of music composing, traveling, self-studying and meditation. I sincerely believe that if you go your own way and listen to your inner voice, you will definitely come where you were going!