How Do You Correctly Describe Your Experience In CV?

Working experience is one of the most valuable characteristics of all jobseekers. This part of your CV is being observed and analyzed most of all by the employers. That’s why it is crucially important to carry out this particular information correctly.

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1The company’s name should be written in full avoiding all kinds of acronyms and abbreviations. Don’t put hopes that this company is familiar to everyone. Don’t forget to mention a sphere of company’s or its division’s performance.


2The name of your job position should also be as precise as it is possible. For example, if you just write “a manager” or “a director”, the employer will be left with more questions than the answers. Express yourself clearly – sales manager”, “chief accountant”, “manager of IT department”.


3It is recommended to indicate a period of your working within the accuracy of months so that your employer can adequately estimate your experience in a definite company. For example, the period 2013-2014 can be interpreted as 2 years or 2 months. It depends on the month you took your new position and the month you resigned. Of course, the employer can clarify it at the interview. But first of all, you should get invited. And a successful CV is your ticket to the face-to-face meeting.


While describing your performance and achievements you should concentrate on the main aspects. Keep in mind the position you are applying for at a definite moment. For this you should attentively read the description of the position and define what previous experience can come in handy here. Unnecessary staff is better to not be mentioned at all so the employer doesn’t spend their time on unneeded things.

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5If you dealt with using special instruments or software, be sure to mention it in your CV. For example, it can be something like “Executed accounting calculations in 1C program”. The 1C will definitely catch your potential employer’s eye if there is a person needed to work with this program. And this is going to be your precious advantage.

Put a special attention to your achievements. Don’t use general phrases like “department efficiency increase” or “new customers capture”. That fact that you did that doesn’t mean you did it well. Use a present perfect tense and support your previous performance with facts. For example, “Have increased outlet’s efficiency by 20%”, “Have captured 30 new customers for the company”. Just a couple of such facts and your CV will be favorably recognized among hundreds of others. But bear in mind that these facts you should be able to prove, so don’t make up any lies.


If you have also got a promotion at your previous work, you should also mention it. Add it as a new working place stating all the dates, the name of the position, new responsibilities and achievements.

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