How To Sell Your Home On JiJi

Selling your property is an important milestone in every person’s life. There are many reasons for wanting to sell your home: perhaps your family is expanding and you’re looking for a bigger home, or your kids have grown up and moved to their new homes, and now you don’t need a big house anymore. No matter what’s your reasons for selling the home; what matters is the most efficient and stress-free way to do it, and that’s exactly what we’ll tell you about today. Sell your home on JiJi and have a stress-free deal!

Sell your home fast on JiJi

Do you need a real estate agent?

Real estate experts say that in most cases having a professional real estate agent is very good for the selling process, because a property professional can make the process quick and effective. However, like every good service, the real estate services cost money, so if you’re trying to keep your expenses as low as possible, saving on agent fees might be a good idea. If you sell your property on JiJi, you can do it all yourself, just make sure you have the time to deal with the commitments that come with selling property.

Research the market

Part of what makes a real estate agent good at his job is his ability to constantly monitor the market to learn of the different trends and design new ways to sell. Of course, you don’t have the same means as a professional agent, but if you study property ads on JiJi, you can know exactly what the real estate market is like today and plan your sale accordingly. For example, if the current trend is living in a quiet neighbourhood, you can market your property as serene and secluded.


Write your ad

This might be the most crucial step in selling property, because the text of the ad is what makes people acquainted to your property and what they base their decision upon. Don’t make your ad too long or intricate, but don’t forget to include the details you would find important as a potential buyer. For example, it’s essential to mention the age of the house, the number of owners it had before, and the general condition of the property. However, you can skip your entire life story, and some minor defects you wouldn’t consider important. But don’t conceal any crucial information, because the truth will come out sooner or later and you don’t want to be outed as a liar.


Take photos of your home

In many cases, the photos of your home are as important as the text of the ad, because a lot of people actually skip the text and go straight to the pictures, and only if they like what they see, they will eventually read the ad. On JiJi you can post a large number of photos of your property, but it doesn’t mean you should post dozens of them. Take a couple of photos of the outside of the house from different positions in good lighting and then move on to the inside. Your ad should feature pictures of every room in the house, including bathroom and kitchen, as well as photos of details you believe need to be pointed out, like beautiful wallpaper or antique sink.

B0KMRX A row of typical 3 bed semi detached Victorian/Edwardian houses in suburbia.. Image shot 05/2008. Exact date unknown.

Promote your ad

The secret of being a successful seller, whether it’s a one-time task or a full-time job, is to do some marketing. JiJi is a great place for selling everything, including property, but if you want your ad to really shine, there are some additional things you can do. First, you can use the “Boost ad” feature, which allows you to place your ad on top of the page for a period of time. Your ad will be the first thing visitors of that page will see, which will increase your chances of making a quick sell. Second, you can post links to your ads everywhere you can and anywhere people can see it. Start with Facebook, where your friends and friends of your friends can see and share the ad, increasing the possibility of a sale. And remember to update your ad once in a while so that visitors on JiJi don’t get bored with your offer.


Make sure you’re always available

If you did everything right, soon you’ll be flooded with phone calls and messages asking you about your property. During these days, when everyone wants to find out more about the offer and schedule a viewing of the property, it’s important that you always answer the phone and quickly reply to messages, otherwise people will get impatient after the third or fifth call and will never call you again, no matter how good your offer might be. Always keep your phone charged, check messages regularly, and you can expect to close the deal very soon!


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